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Favorite Smoking Games/New Games

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dank e v, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. hey all, i was just wonderin what smokin games u guys like or of any new ones.
    i know of a few:

    chicago- hold in ur smoke till its ur hit

    HIGHway- when smokin on a highway, hold in each hit until the n exted overpass

    And Bong Races- (only to be played with huge bong, like over 3 ft.) first person to fill the chamber and clear it wins

    weed is fun, and so are a weed game is the best route to fun

    please post some of ur games or variations of common games
  2. Tell me If this makes sense to you people.

    Get as many friends as possible and you each need an ounce of your own. Next roll as many blunts as you think you can smoke(without telling anyone how many you rolled). Who ever cannot finish what they rolled is OUT. Who ever finishes all their blunts are still in it. But not really because who ever smoked the most out of them wins ALL THE WEED THAT'S LEFT! The best part is you could smoke way less than a friend and still win!

    This is great if you love high-stakes/high-payoff games!!!!
  3. lol thats funny, Hey whoever thinks holding weed in your lungs for more than 3 secs is wrong, so holding it in is just bad for you

    - w00t w00t
  4. o well, that doesnt really matter to me, i just like to have fun with my firends. but, keep the games commin
  5. Killa( 1 toke) keep it in as long as you can whilst its still going round.
  6. yeah...

    i've heard of killer also being a game of giving everyone hits until no one is moving... but that just sounds like a regular heavy session to me :D hehe.

    yeah ... killer or "onetokepass" is the best game... works at the optimum with 4-6 people, and a fairly loose fatty. ooh yeah! :D

    what other game do you need!?


    just thought of one...

    rocket/bucket/hotknife competitions! :D
    see how many can be done in a row competing against another doing the same alternating. my personal best was 10!!! daaaamn i was high then! REALLY HIGH!

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