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Favorite smoking experience?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420skils, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. My favorite was me and 2 of my friends only got an ounce, but we had couple bongs and couple pipes, non stop smoking for 2 hours.

    Whats your fav. smoking time?
  2. that time i got high.
  3. How can three guys smoke an ounce in only 2 hours? I can't even imagine it. Five friends and myself were barely able to smoke an 1/8 of weed and a gram of hash in our day of non stop smoking. We all eventually passed out at different times of the day. Tell me more about this day you had.
  4. well...the day started by us getting together and it took us 2 hours to get the damn weed, and we all had not smoked for a few days so we were really wanting a good smoke. I grabbed 2 of my bongs and a pipe...but in total we had 3 bongs 3 pipes, pack them all up and start smoking, and smoking, and smoking...and somehow...didn't even realize it we had smoked it all in about 2 hours...pretty good, but we ended up with a broken pipe cuz one of my friends was pretty chopped and dropped it. But all in all a great day of smoking
  5. that must have been some seriously shitty weed.

  6. i know! :rolleyes:

    didn't you guys get sick or anything? i thought a couple three grams a day was bad. :D really though, 1oz in 2 hrs?!? poor you guys..... :(
  7. There was this one time when me and my best friend Travis Clark went to this guys house about four years ago. He said he had some weed he wanted to get rid of, so he would sell it cheap. He took us into his back room and there sat three boxes full of weed. He proceeded to pull out three bags and measured each. They weighed an ounch apeice. We ended up buying it all for only $150. Anyway, that day we went back to his house and smoked all of it. We ended up on the floor, unable to move for about twelve hours.

    Believe it or not, I guess the fact of the matter is; It DID happen. You may proceed to drool ;)
  8. this is really hard to pick, but i will have to say the first time i smoked in amsterdam. I had just got off a train from germany and it was 11 oclock at night and i had no where to stay. I ended up going to a coffie shop and just getting super baked before i slept at the train station.
  9. 2 people smoked 3 oz's? give me a break dude.
  10. drysmoke most have been the person who sold it to you
  11. is being full of shit a good thing..or am i just missing out..cuz a few people seem to be...just my opinion
  12. Hey, I didn't say you had to believe it man. But its true just the same.
  13. yeah well this one time i was at my dealers house and i bought 3 pounds off of him for $350 and then i got my crew together and we went to the park and rolled qp joints and smoked them 30 minutes.. it was killer.
  14. are you saying that you rolled joints that were a qp?!
  15. yeah.. they were half half finger hash and jack herer, and then me and my crew were at the park and we smoked them in 30 minutes and then got caught by the cops and we had to run away and got in a car chase and then we went to my friends house and took an O of GB hits and passed out for 3 days straight.
  16. nice dreads btw :D
  17. ive always got a big kick out of your cow laugh long time :D
  18. Hey man, don't have ta be a jerk about it. You can either believe me or not, I don't much care. I just thought I'd share a good experience with all of ya.
  19. My most memorable experiance was prolly the first time I smoked out of a bong. I was with my boyfriend. I took a huge hit, and I started coughing so hard that I puked in his floor. But I've come to love the bong, once I got used to it.
  20. smokedout, i am really hoping ur not a guy right now, are you?

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