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Favorite Smokin Routines

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SourDbytheOz, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. #1 SourDbytheOz, Aug 14, 2011
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    Multiple times a day before I smoke I always have to have the iPad ready to play some Wiz Khalifa and kid cudi in the bathroom, with cheeto puffs or a good substitute on the bed and ether xbox live already logged on, or a good movie ready to play. If its on a weekend i get off the toilet and into the shower with fresh clothes ready for going out extra faded.

    Im jus curious to hear about yall favorite pre and post highdom routines you would recommend.
  2. #2 Rivera, Aug 14, 2011
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    Wake up
    iPod out ready to play some J Dilla/ Slum Village...
    Make some Coffee
    Pack a bowl
    Everything layed out on the Coffee table
    Take a shower
    Come back and enjoy ;)
  3. Normally I just pack a bowl, go smoke down in my garage, smoke a cigarette, head back in, grab some munchies, and go hermit in my room and pound some UKF dubstep. I try to play video games but I'm normally too high to do anything productive. If I'm with friends we usually either just smoke and chill, or we smoke and cruise around in my car.
  4. Right there with ya, I always put some music on before I toke by myself. Make sure my beverage is fresh, maybe some fruit for a sweet healthy snack, and beeswax hemp wick c:

    There really is a noticeable taste difference when you're not inhaling butane. Highly recommended; a lot of head shops carry beeswax hemp wick now, and it's pretty cheap.
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    I use to put on music when I smoked as I just make sure I have GC pulled up before I vape my bowl and that usually keeps me pretty entertained until I'm done...that or music lol :smoking:
  6. I like to make a hot drink and a cold drink to go with my joint or bowl then i make sure ive got a playlist atleast 2 hours long spanning everything from the beatles to black sabbath then i smoke and bliss ensues.
  7. Wake up
    Eat a little food
    Get my stoner kit ready
    Walk to the bayou
    Get extremely high
    Stumble home in about 30 minutes when it should've taken 5
    Take a shower
    Grab some food
    Hit up that mw2 or some tv
    Repeat when I'm not high
  8. hmm, lets see... so if i don't wake N' Bake before breakfast to get a heads-start on my day ill call up a couple buddies of mine for a small bong sesh... ill almost always smoke them up. After were all pretty faded we rolll a FAT J or a nice blunt and pass it in the basement while we listen to some tunes or watch curb your enthusiasm/Seinfeld/or anything else that might look good at the time....

    BUT! you can't forget munchies so we all partake in a competitive game (usually some form of poker) with the objective of the game being the looser buys munchies :)... except for me... i provide my share of baby greens so i never have to buy teh foods xD

  9. Haha yeah I have a bad habit of making things 10x as much time consuming when im lit too. i feel like im doing something so efficient then 20 minutes later im like fuck i shouldnt still be tying my shoes.
  10. Smoke in my room, put stuff away and then just chill in there, looking out the window and listening to music, after a while I will head downstairs put some food in the toaster oven then head to the basement and play some Xbox or ps3. Sometimes I get really into what ever game I'm playing and forget about the food.
  11. When i'm with friends, after we smoke our desired amount, we like to just go sit around in a room. Ususally, because we dont even think about what were about to go do... We have fun just...Enjoying each others company.

    When i'm alone? It's family guy. All family guy....With a side of snacks, of course.
  12. Haha, family guy is meant to be watched when high :p Its just too random

  13. Never thought of that for some reason...imma do that next time I get high.
  14. Sunday morning routine.

    Wake up
    Start a pot of coffee
    Get out mason jar of weed and bong
    Load bowl
    Get in shower
    Brush teeth
    Get comfortable clothes on
    Pour coffee
    Smoke pre-loaded bowl
    Go to balcony for a cig

    Man I love Sunday mornings...
  15. Smoke a bowl
    Drink my coffee
    Hitch hike to work
  16. -wake up
    -turn on "FlightMusic" playlist (consists of wiz, stoner kid cudi, and curren$y)
    -brush teeth
    -bake on the way to work

    *morning sex could occur if GF is down
  17. -Throw on some tunes
  18. My routine useto be go to the gym at 9pm get blitzed in the parking lot go work out until 11pm, get blitzed in the parking lot again then drive home where everyone was asleep already. This was an everyday thing until I moved now I just cruise around during the day and do my thing. If you have never worked out while high I suggest you do its so much better.

  19. Lol i have and was horrible lol i guess i ate too many cheeto puffs but ill still never do it again. BUT smokin after a workout can be on of the top 20 relaxing things to in life lol

    Btw i smoked and watched family guy like i said i would earlier and it was extra funny had a nice lil time.
  20. Wake up
    Get weed, bowl and ipod
    Gotta pee
    Smoke until high enough for that day
    ...Random shit

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