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  1. Hey guys was wondering what your favorite slushie flavor is, it could be a limited time flavor, or a flavor you always choose when your just that right amount of high. Pictures of the slushies are also more than welcome, lets make this thread huge.
    Ill start

  2. Red and blue mixed. 
  3. Blue is my favorite not sure the flavor but I love it
  4. watermelon

    You are really going hard with these pointless threads today huh?

    Must be really bored.
    Im actually coming up with more as we speak, look out for them :laughing:
  6. Yes, I'll be waiting :love:
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    blue raspberry
    prefer that Italian Ice, so fucking yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Bubble tea slushie taro with extra tapioca, tastes like oreo cookies
    lol wut?
  10. Bubble tea its an asian thing in canada, after you had their slushies 7/11 is garbage.
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    Double post
  12. I don't know flavors. I just know colors. Red.
  13. Blueberry
    Mountain dew
  14. My uncle was working at Sonic last summer and while I was sitting outside waiting for him to get off, he brought me the best slushie I've ever had in my life. The only thing I remember him telling me was that it had Watermelon mixed in it. It tasted like a slushie full of diabeties. I wish I could go back in time.
  15. pina colada.
    Yea ima drunk, idgaf
  16. Sonic's Mint Green Tea Slush. Mint Lemonade Slush is also delicious.
  17. HAHa what the fuck is upppppp.
    I mix all the flavors :)
    Cant touch slushpuppies, but shit Dels are bomb. My RI/MASS peoples know whats good
  18. Whenever I go to the cinema I just asked for mixed. I'm not sure what the flavours are, red and blue I guess. I don't know anywhere near me that would sell really exotic flavours, I'd like to find out though.
    try an gas station or 7 eleven

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