favorite shroom activies

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Fav shrooming activities?

  1. TV(programming, dvds, games)

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  2. nature walk

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  3. just sitting

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  4. other, please exlplain

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  1. what are your favortes?

    im picking up an 8th soon and wanted to know some fun shit to do:)

    is an 8th too much for first time?
  2. my neighbor likes to play stickball while hes shroomin.......hes pretty good too.......
  3. Never done shrooms. No idea.
  4. my personnel favorite is going for walks, everything is so much cooler and different and trippy.
  5. if it's your first time i wouldnt take a whole 8th, hell no, try like half
  6. Changing the scenery, like if you go for a walk like someone already said. Like different lights and stuff can make it very weird and different every time.
  7. a good nature walk is always fun, especially when its spinning...
  8. Yea, nature walks rule on shrooms, forests especially. Watching a movie is good too, I cant stand watching it at the start of the high though, cuz at the start I always have too much energy to just sit in one spot.

    So nature walk, then watch a movie.

    But then again....everything is so fun when you're on shrooms. Enjoy those shrooms man, personally I've never had a bad trip on them but I've seen people that have so start off low to get a feel for it before you start doing higher doses.
  9. yup. i'd have to say nature walk as well, get that started at the beginning of my high so i can complete...otherwise whats happened before is 'whoa! gravitys like ten times as strong dude! *thump* i cant move....hehehe'

    if that happens i watch something. possibly a movie but when im shroomin everythings good, even staring at the ground!
  10. Its all about exploring nature haha

    The funniest (though most dangerous) shrooming activity was when I was tripping on some shrooms and these other 2 friends were tripping on some cactus and one of them was driving his big fat SUV and nearly killed us all because he started seeing shit on the road and what not...I remember it was a blast though lol...or should I say murder?
  11. i've never done shrooms, though i'm hoping to pick some up in the next week or two... the only idea's i could give you is from when i've done acid and wat i've found fun on that, which would be like everyone said, go into the woods, haha even run around naked it if makes ya feel better... another thing i liked to do before it was summer time was go to school on like 4 or 5 hits and just observe how people act, although this may not be a good idea if ur not experienced with the stuff... but definitely observe how people are at some point in time, jus like your friends who arent trippin or sumthin (although i've been around friends who seem to make me uncomfortable while trippin, haha i was like kinda jus backin away slowly from them anytime they got to close to me), u'll notice all kinda shit about how peoples minds work...

    welp have fun with em and tell us how it goes and wat u did.
  12. Its fun to sit on a couch in strange positions and then you realize you are in a strange position but you dont remember why. At least i thought that was fun.
  13. I'd eat two grams for my first trip.

    Whenever the mushrooms first start kicking it, I'm always thinking like, "What should I do? What would be fun? I don't have much time, gotta hurry up." Then I realize, this is going to last six hours, and each hour is going to seem like a day, and each minute like an hour. Then I realize I have plenty of time for whatever, and relax.

    Go outside. Nature is awesome. Makes you realize how insignificant one person is in the grand scheme of things (not in a bad way, just lets you realize how big earth is and how much is out there).

    I personally am not too into movies when I'm tripping, I have trouble focusing on them and following the plot. Music videos are good though. Music in general is just good. Make sure you have plenty of CD's ready.

    Sitting in a comfortable place with a good friend is awesome. You can have deep, insightful conversations.

    Smoking weed is fun when you're tripping. Although I tend to have trouble packing a bowl while I'm peaking. I've been known to make it last so long. It might be smart to roll up a few l's before hand and smoke them throughout the night.

    The most important thing I can tell you is...have fun! Oh, yeah, and make sure you're ready for it. Don't go into depressed, angry, with a chip on your shoulder. If you have them planned for a certain night, and something goes wrong that day, put it off til next week. The shrooms won't go bad, assuming they're dry, and you want your first trip to be a good one.


    One more thing I almost forgot. The next morning, you might have an uncomfortable hangover feeling, and it can definately suck. The day after I tripped for the first time, the hangover feeling was so lousy I didn't want to trip again anytime soon. The best cure for this is a nice wake and bake in the morning. So save some trees for that.

    Also, how many friends are you tripping with? Are they experienced? Where you plan on tripping at? All this can have a huge effect on your trip.
  14. haha the best movie I ever saw on shrooms was when me and 3 friends each ate an 1/8th and saw Spy Kids 3D in theatres. Front row, with the 3D glasses on, tripping our asses off, it was fuckin amazing. Whenever there was explosions, you would see pieces of metal flying right at you, then past you and it was really cool.
  15. i just find out t hat im probably gonna be tripping on mushies next saturday... my first time... ..whats some good tripping music>?
  16. ^^^

    Good tripping music? Your avatar says it all, my friend.
  17. My friend an I each ate 3.7 grams and listened to the dark side of the moon. But it wasn't just listening...we set up his winamp for the visualizations. We sat there for an hour and watched and listened to Pink Floyd. It was just amazing.

  18. that was floating around the top of my head... but i was thinkingmor eliek Enigma like rain drops and narute sounds ands shit.....
  19. pink floyd is great...

    nature sounds are awsome..

    one time i was with a friend and we took a half 8th each, and with no lights, music, or talking, complete silence between us, i had a concert in my head...amazing, i would find myself thinking about thousands of things per seconds but copuldnt remember after, and when i was trying to remmeber wat i was thinking, i would keep on thinking about other things...wierd, and my friend had NO hallucinations...lol

    end of rant

  20. anything sounds good on shrooms man. Laid back kinda songs are great, especially if they have deep lyrics.

    And I have to agree that Pink Floyd is incredible when you're on shrooms. One time on shrooms me and my friend listened to the dark side of the moon and had this crazy hour long discussion on the meaning of life after...good times.

    Heh, I just found out last night that my buddy has a 1/2 ounce of shrooms! Gonna be trippin with him on Friday. sweeeeeet I love shrooms.

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