Favorite sex position

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by StimulateMyMind, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I'm voting for the doggiestyle. :cool:
    But I wish I could vote the cowgirl too.
  2. I like me some cowgirl the most.
  3. Doggy with dudes, Cowgirl with chicks. :smoke:
  4. Reverse Cowgirl all the way. :p
  5. And you voted what?
  6. I don't know the name of it but can describe it. I'm sitting on edge of bed. Girl is facing me sitting on me. You can go super deep and it's sensual....good shit. :D
  7. Thats called sitting cowgirl. :D

  8. Thank you kindly sir! It's the best :)

    I gotta be doing the work though.
  9. Doggy, since that's fun either way. :p
  10. I voted 69. Other than that Its very hard to choose.
    69 has an edge to it which i like.. and the rest is hard to pick a winner from..
    Reverse cowgirl I havent done as much but I loved it when we did..
    Hmm.. Missionary is also great, and Doggystyle too..

    Ok Ok, Doggystyle.. change my vote :p
  11. My favorite position is where I fertilize the ladies eggs after she drops them in a puddle.

    I call it...froggie style
  12. Dang how cool would it be to fertilize a frog egg with human sperm. I think the result might be something like this:

  13. I like missionary with her legs lifted up. The angles good for getting deep and hard and you can see her face when she cums, which is probably the best part.
  14. Doggy all the way.;)

  15. ditto.

    love going deep inside her and making her moan and pull me towards her as i thrust back and forth in a fit of passion.
  16. sitting cowgirl ftw but i get bored fast so i gotta switch up tho, then bam doggy haha
  17. Doggyyyyy!! :)
  18. cowgirl...gotta love it when a girl knows how to ride like a champ...
  19. cowgirl is my favorite.

    but not only regular cowgirl all types of cowgirl :ey:

    i like doggy to sometimes but i kind of hate missionary it hurts a little

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