favorite SESAME STREET/MUPPETS character?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Miss_X, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Ahh, thosse were the good days....

    my fave's would have to be:
    1. Swedish Chef - he is hilarious!
    2. Animal - Waka waka waka!
    3. Kermit - such a sweetheart......

    hahaha, i love those guys!
  2. Oscar the Grouch is the shit i got tons of oscar stuff

    i bet he smokes down big time!

  3. YES! I *love* the chef!!! I watch a muppets xmas every year! and I just love it when it is trying to cook big bird, hes slapping the big goofy bird with celery stalks!!! lmao!!
  4. ya know there gunna bring the muppet show back on the air its in the works now
  6. Oh man, have you guys heard the "Stoned On Sesame Street" sound clip? that shit is so HILARIOUS! If you haven't yet, I highly recommend downloading it. hahahaha, i love it!

  7. i was getting worried that no one was going to post the greatness of the cookie monster.....

    he is indeed the best character on the show...
  8. the waka waka waka guy isn't animal.. it's that orange bear with the hat.. dun know his name.
  9. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sensimilla Street?

    I always like Oscar the grouch. I dunno, he just appealed to me for some reason. Now leave me alone, I'm going to go back to sleep in my shit hole of a dorm room.

  10. its fozzy the bare

  11. oh yes, that's right....i still like animal though! oh, and that Beeker guy too!

  12. Yeh, thats so jokes, i love that.

    'Hey bigbird can you tell me what todays letter is? .... Sure Kermit, todays letter is...................joint.'

    I used to love the cookie monster, and kermit. Bigbird annoyed me, no the people annoyed me, whats the point of having people if the show is based around puppets.
  13. oscar or cookie monsta.

    i try to model my life on them two. jk
  14. i like that oscar pic should i change it to my avitar? what do you guys think
  15. i think i like but it would be better if he had a joint in his mouth...if somone can add that for me i would be vary happy
  16. thanx......you think oscar is a big nug....he looks like one i bet id get hihg off his fur
  17. yeah look at the nice orange hairs he has for eyebrows!
  18. I was going to make a new topic but I took my own advice and searched, and here it is! Yes it's 7 years old. I don't care, I'm adding to the thread - with CONTENT! Yeah

    I'm a big Muppet fan, they've been a part of my life forever. The Muppet Movie was the first film I was allowed to go see in the Theater without my parents, I think I was like 7, back in the 70's.

    When Jim Henson died I cried for a long time. I still think it's a damn shame and a tragedy that he passed the way he did. I think though that the Henson Family has continued to do pretty good stuff since then.

    BUT ok, who's my fave? EASY - Pepe the King Prawn. I know, it's not fashionable, but I'm telling you that dude is FUNNY. My fave used to be Kermit, but since Jim died he hasn't been the same. Second fave is Animal, but his schtick gets old. Nope, gimme Pepe.

    I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting the coming of Muppets Tonight on DVD, since that's where Pepe began.

    So who's yours?
  19. cookie monster, of course..


    haha. :smoke:

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