Favorite seasons?

Discussion in 'General' started by blazemore, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Wondering what your guy's favorite seasons are and why?
    I like autumn and spring because they have the most balance in weather here in California.
  2. Winter, I live in pretty much southern most Florida. Any break from this hot weather is amazing.
  3. For some reason Spring makes me nostalgic.
  4. i like autumn the most because my birthday is in autumn and i love to see all the colors of nature in this season
  5. My birthday's in August, but I like Spring and Autumn the best.
  6. autumn is a really chill season. It's when you start bringing out the sweaters and coats again before it gets old.
  7. Me too. What day :)
    August 17 right here.
  8. Fall -> christmas time
    Fall through Christmas time
    During like thanksgiving and then the holidays I feel so good especially with the Christmas music and stuff. Even though it never snows here. :/
  9. I love fall because summers here in Iowa are miserable- 100% humidity, temps of 95+. It's so awesome when things start to chill out and the leaves start changing color. Hate the dead of winter, though, lol. temps below zero and terrible wind chill. That's what we get for being so landlocked and being mostly flat terrain.
  10. 16 :p
  11. Autumn for sure. I live in New England and autumn is by far the most beautiful season, especially in these parts where people travel from all over the world to see our foliage.

    I hate being cold, but fall is the perfect mix of cool breezy days and chilly nights that are perfect for cuddling with someone special :love:

    I love eating pumpkin everything, love fall decorations, and Halloween is my favorite.

    Also, my ideal outfit is a comfy sweater and an awesome hat, which work great during fall.

    I'm seriously considering getting really detailed/intricate falling leaves tattooed down my side because I love Autumn so much.
  12. I love the mindset of summer cuz you can come home, live for free, and see people you haven't seen in a really long time, and spend all day with nothing to do. God i hate the heat though, winter is no doubt my favorite weather.
  13. Autumn and winter are the dopest seasons.

    I like having an excuse to wear sweaters and gloves and a pea coat.

    To be able to take long walks and witness the residual of sumbeams bouncing of decaying leaves at dusk. :smoke:
  14. anything but summer
  15. Spring maan

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