Favorite Rolling Paper(s).

Discussion in 'General' started by SameShirtK, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Share your favorite rolling paper(s) here! Mine are Zig-Zag "Slow Burn" with the orange packet.
  2. I always liked Zig Zag myself but only certain places around here sell them for some reason. JOBs are the big thing here. I used Zig Zags when I lived in Arkansas. I got used to walking into a store and asking for a pack of Zig Zag orange but when I moved here people would look at me like I was an alien.
  3. I know how that is. Shit, you weird if you use papers around here.
  4. Around here more people smoke blunts than papers, but a fair share do love their papers .

    I'm a blunt smoker but I'll usually have ezwiders laying around somewhere for whenever I feel like blazing up a nice J..

    From time to time I'll older myself a roll of RAW, those are my favorite.
  5. I usually smoke from my pipe or from a bong but if I'm rolling a joint I use zig zags..they're just what I have always used, I've tried others when they didn't have them and never changed brands after getting another in a pinch.
  6. "Fuck rolling papers, i'm a rebel bitch I'm ashin blunts."
  7. You mean your putting ash in your lungs 1 blunt=7 cigs
  8. blunts ruin the taste of good weed, but thats not what this threads about.

    I use Zig-Zag oranges, nothing else I've ever tried compares except maybe the bob marley hemp papers, but they don't have the fancy patterns of the zig zags.
    But also I almost never smoke joints, had the same pack of zigs for like 5 months haha, I mostly smoke by myself, I can get pretty blazed from a hit or two in my bong, and I'm not made of money, so the opportunity never really comes up

  9. Thanks Doc, do I give a fuck?

  10. You may not give a fuck now but when you grow up and relize you fucked up your lungs because you smoked from blunt your whole life instead of joints cause they look cooler your gonna give a fuck

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