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Favorite Reason on Why You Smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DirtyB, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. First off, if you smoke just to be under the influence, then don't post.
    I'm looking for legitimate reasons on why you smoke.

    For me, besides the fact that the herb is a god a relieving stress, I like smoking because it makes me grateful for everything I have. Everyone always talks about being grateful for the things you have, but you never really notice it.

    But for some reason when I'm high, I study all the small and barely noticeable treasures that life has to offer you. I'm completely content with smoking a blunt with a friend, and just chillen, go get something to eat and play some Xbox.

    Off Topic: Go youtube "finer things mac miller" I don't care if you don't like him, but just listen to the things he says, everything he says is something that you love but don't notice.

    Anyways, share why you smoke.
  2. So smoking to get high is not good for you?
    But getting high to be grateful is okay?

    Anyway I enjoy smoking because it makes me appreciate little things more and make me think about stuff I wouldn't think otherwise, eg I should do this more or tell whoever whatever

    It's relaxing after a day of work, it's fun to smoke and I like the culture around it

  3. Never said it wasn't good.
    But the majority of actual "seasoned tokers" should be past the phase of just getting high to get fucked up.
    I'm pretty sure it's how everyone started up, but people who stick with it for years obviously have a reason for it.
  4. For me, I started smoking just to get high (obviously), but after that, I found it helped immensely with a short-term bout with depression.
    But I was recently sick this whoooooole weekend, the last 4 days with some kind of bug/flu. I was puking my guts out and I felt like puking even just by thinking about food. I smoked a bowl of some of the best Sour D I've had and it almost instantly cured my nausea. Now I'm on Day 4 1/2 and I actually mustered up the strength to eat some toast and canned fruit.

    I can totally see why people who've been through chemotherapy use it for the exact reason..
  5. I smoke to get high.

    I smoke to get more fucked up when drinking, and to be able to drink more.

    Yeah, i guess you can say im an abuser hehe
  6. I find it easier to socialize/deal with other human beings when I'm high. Otherwise I'm shy, quiet, and incredibly awkward. It relieves stress. And I'm more cocky than usual when I'm high lol
  7. Lol, I didn't word that the way I meant it.
    Of course everyone likes being high, but I just don't want the ignorant kid who isn't educated at all on marijuana, or someone who is just new to the ganja to be posting.
  8. Theres a thread exactly like this in general
  9. I really have no other reasons after 4 years of daily toking. I just love being high. Not like stoned retarded, but I generally smoke 2-3gs a week to give an idea. Like to coast through the evenings with a buzz :)
  10. normally, im fucking bored. xbox? boring. TV? boring.

    xbox + weed? Fucking incredible.

    it makes everyday experiances 10x cooler. fights boredom.

    indeed, does make you appreciate things you wouldnt normally give 2 shits about.

  11. Yeah, I was just thinking about that this weekend.
    Spent my whole weekend with a friend smoking some grape ape and playing Fifa lol
  12. puts me in a zone where i dont care about the usual, what you look like, popularity and other usual pointless things that dont matter in life. im still like that sober just not as much.
  13. Definitely top two reasons are Music and Food. Nothing is better then being high listening to your favorite songs eating a delicious meal.
  14. Smoking makes me appreciate the simple things in life that matter like going on walks and just relaxing. Its also a good way to bond with other smokers and just have a good time in general. That's what smoking is to me.
  15. Helps me chill out, relaxs me after a day of school or work.
  16. i smoke because i have some nasty headaches that before smoking i used to get daily. smoking has helped me enjoy waking up because the sharp blinding light is no longer sharp or blinding.
  17. see, im the opposite. Im EXTREMELY social when im drunk, yet, when im high sometimes i get too paranoid and my anxiety kicks in.
  18. I smoke to make my wife's cooking tolerable. Seriously though, smoking makes you more interesting to me and me more interesting to myself. Life is like pancakes and I loves me some pancake-being high is like pancakes with blueberries and I really loves me some blueberries.
  19. Honestly, it really does help to relieve stress. Since I ALWAYS feel stressed out, smoking weed helps.
  20. oh, and i love stoned conversation. always means so much more on a deep level compared to sober convos.

    that is, until you forget what you were both talkin about lmao

    "wait....what were we talking about?"

    "idk dude" hahahaha

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