Favorite Reality Show??? and why?

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  1. My favs (for now) are Bait Car and Jail. I don't know why but it just cracks me up the way some people carry on when they get busted. Especially the macho badasses who start crying like little babies when caught. I also like watching Cops but I have to be careful not to watch too many bad episodes. I already have an attitude towards cops. Some of the Cops shows are filled with asshole cops and it kind of gets me all up tight if I watch too many of those. But then there are quite of few episodes in areas where cops are nice and it reminds me that not all cops are assholes. So it could be a good thing also. :smoke:
    I don't know if shows like American Pickers are considered reality TV but if so, I include them on my list. I would love to collect junk that had value and watching those two guys finding things is just awesome.
  2. I love amazing race! American Pickers can be fun to watch too they find the most random items, it never ceases to amaze me.
  3. my family thinks im really weird because all i watch is intervention, lockedup, jail, cops, or something along those lines. idk why but i like watching people in serious predicaments...
  4. Intervention and My Strange Addiction. I guess it makes me feel better about my addictions lol
  5. my favorite reality show is life, man
  6. I like Pawn Stars if thats considered reality lol. I hate American Pickers though, I dunno why something about those 2 guys just irks me.

    I used to LOVE Fear Factor too.
  7. I mostly love Dancing reality shows.. It can be any! This is coz i love dancing :D
  8. Are shows like Survivor considered reality shows? I love recording every episode of Survivor then watching them over a few nights. :smoke:

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