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    What are ur guys favorite mixtapes?

    Mine has to be:

    From beggining to end, game murdered g unit on this tape, all hot disses.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Nas-The ****** Tape

    Wiz khalifa prob gunna b on a lot of ur lists for your fav. mixtapes, his best is the How Fly shit imo . But my fav solo Wiz is Burn After Rollin.

    Lil Wayne Da Drought 3 was hot too
    G-unit early tapes in the early 2000's should b mentioned too, they were runnin the mixtape game, especially 50 and then soon after Banks.

    Drake's Comeback Season has hot , so was J.cole's warm up.

    Fabolous There is no competion 2 was bangin, id say best mixtape so far this year.

    Lupe Farenheit 1/5 tapes,May 25th, B.o.B vs Bobby Ray, Trap or Die are also up their with my fav mixtapes

    So what are ur guys fav mixtape?
  2. 2Pac- Rap Phenomenon 2
  3. Good tape, this is also a good Pac Tape:

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    favorite mixtape at the moment? definitely wiz khalifa- kush and orange juice

    others favorites VV

    wiz khalifa- flight school /star power
    curren$y-smokee robinson / independence day / fin.../ how fly
    lil wayne- no ceilings /(all of lil wayne mixtapes)
    lupe fiasco-enemy of the state
    lloyd banks-v.5
    kid cudi- a kid named cudi
    j cole-the warm up
    chipp the ripper-the cleveland show
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  6. Yea Kush x orange juice is nice but i still prefer Burn After Rollin as my fav wiz mixtape.


    For those of u who havnt checked out this mixtape The Warm up, CHECK IT OUT!
  7. Young Jeezy's Trap or Die II is the best mixtape I've heard in a while. He always puts out great mixtapes.

  8. The best mixtape in the last decade was We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 by the Re Up Gang
  9. True Clipse one of my fav duos of all time..

    Best mixtape this year so far:

  10. [​IMG]

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    King and the Cauze mixtape. I have listened to it back to back so many times that i have almost every line memorized, and i still never get sick of it. All of the beats flow together so perfectly and just bump around in your head for days. I can't wait for their second one, should be coming out this year. But if you still haven't heard this one, GET ON THAT!


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    Equipto's 'For the Record' is a close second place though. Every song hits about just as hard, i think there might be only one or two songs to skip through.
  11. Some good tapes listed so far, props tocrackrocksteady above me, the king and the cauze, Reef is dope as shit.

    that fab tape was weak bro, best of 2010 forreal?

    A couple i havent heard yet either listed that ima get to later, never heard that Game jawn, got it up right now.

    For me I gotta go with Dedication 2 by Wayne. You can hate on wayne all you want about his radio shyt but this tape goes dope.

    Also,since someone said Pac Rap Phenomenon I gotta give props to Big..


    One of my favorites to put on when im in the Brooklyn state of mind, or just chillin wit a blunt.
  12. Hell yea man that fab tape was hot, especialy this song

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLr2wmlO1Sk]YouTube - Fabolous - Body Ya[/ame]

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