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  1. so this is definitely a repost of a thread but i want to get some fresh perspectives.

    whats your favorite position?

    ill start --> i used to hate missionary because it was all the work for me. But now, i absolutely love it. maybe its my new girlfriend but i absolutely love missionary because your'e in total control of her body, her legs, her arms, you can see her face, her tits, everything is perfection. and you control the speed and how hard/deep etc.

    other than that i would have to say...doggie. i like me a good ass tapping
  2. [​IMG]
    Right hand on green...left hand on yellow

    Right hand on blue ....left hand on..................................:rolleyes:

    Actually...I cant really explain. Id have to post another pic but that wouldn't go too well.:eek:

    "I am sooooo fucked.......YES?"
  3. Hmm, missionary is comfortable when you're on the bottom. You've got control of your legs if possible, and this is when the most wicked back scratches occur :) Big height difference is a pest, too.
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    I really like "doggie" but I also like to pin a girls ankles right beside her ears with my hands while I work my deep stoke.
  5. any position that my dick enters her body.
  6. Depending on the girl, 69ing can be kind of fun.
  7. i like getting riding like im sea biscuit by a bitch
  8. this ***** right here hit it spot on.
  9. i like am ALL
  10. where she's on her back with her legs on my shoulders, that way i can more easily penetrate her g-spot.


    doggy style,,,but when she's face down on her stomach and i'm sort of riding her ass :cool:

  11. legs up truly is amazing
  12. I like missionary with my legs over his shoulders the best.
  13. Doggie. Shit, I got convinced otherwise...:rolleyes:

    I used to like missionary the most, but eh. Gets boring sometimes. Ass slapping, feeling hands on your waist, ah....man ;)
  14. i like getting fucked in general. i also like being on top, i love when someone scratches their nails down my back mmmmm.
  15. Nothiin like hittin it from the back
  16. one day, i will come back to this thread and share; but for the time being i will just look at it with a longing and frustration im all too familiar with:p.
  17. spooning and girl on top
  18. Doggystyle never fails to please my girl, can't go wrong with a classic :cool:
  19. whatever the way you just described sounded perfectly bro
  20. I like when my guys on top like in missionary because then he can hold me down :D if were being really intimate it's nice because we can still kiss and can look at each other.. It's a really different kind of sex then ive ever had when were like that. It feels like I couldn't ever be closer to someone and I feel so happy. But we also like to fuck so..
    I love it from behind.. Because well it feels amazing and makes me cum like crazy lol especially if he's smacking my ass really hard and has a crazy grip on my hips..can't go on without turning myself on haha
    I also like being on top and grinding on my guy while he kisses me and plays with my tits .. Yum lol though he likes to be in control usually so he'll grab my hips while I'm on top of him and start fucking Me really hard and bounce me up and down... Mmmm lol

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