Favorite Position?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by superrrrfadeddd, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Tell 'em here. :)
  2. StinkBug. Or at an 90 degree angle.
  3. the one where my penis is in her vagina
  4. doggy style:D
  5. Gotta hit that shit doggy son. :devious:
  6. :laughing: thank you grasscity, you guys make my day. i want to give a shoutout to everyone here for making me laugh my fucking ass off. for real. THANK YOU GC
  7. Doggy Style all fucking day
  8. Favorite position:Two bitches holiding up the bitch I'm fucking while another bitch sucks my nuts and the bitch gettin fucked is eating out another bitch. The bitch getting eaten is having her nipples pinched from behind by yet another bitch. All of this takes place on three fat bitches used as a bed while another bitch films it.
    This brings us to a total of ten bitches.
  9. If im in love with the girl, spooning! i love it! but if its a hook up, doggy or some real kinky shit
  10. Missionary with her legs on my shoulders

    or hittin it from da back
  11. The JFK.

    For those who don't know, thats when you splatter all over her in the back seat of a car and then lay on her while she screams and cries and tries to get out.

    But on a serious note, doggy style ftw.
  12. Oh my goodness...if a chick has sexy legs and feet (sexy pedicure)..then I spread her out like peanut butter..the chicks that spread eagle like a champ are the ones that blow my mind!!
  13. Doggy style or reverse cowgirl. I love lookin at my girls ass while we fuck.
  14. Missionary. With some minor adjustments for better leverage, etc.

    Just like the feeling of complete control when a girl is under me. Plus I like looking at her and watching how good I'm making her feel.

    Mixing it up is also good though. Especially while under the influence. You can just turn into drunken animals and go nuts.
  15. Cowgirl or reverse. But I'm more of a n igga flip guy.
  16. Damn I always dig the doggy style for sure, I am an ass man after all. :D

    But I usully find her on top stradeling me or missonary
  17. the inverted pendulum.
  18. Girl on top, followed by doggy, followed by the girl being handcuffed and blindfolded (all consentual) and violated in ways only satan could top...
  19. Doggy while she's giving me a reach around and I have my left hand on her left titty and my right, middle finger rubbing the top of her cooter.
  20. Woman on top is the way to go, and the more into it she gets, the better.

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