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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Buzz, Jul 21, 2003.

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  1. OK, now that you know \"what of drink you ARE\", more importantly, what kind of drink do you PREFER?

    I like my liquor on the rocks (a bit more than they serve in UK, but much less than the full glass of ice they give you in the US) and drink single malt scotch in the winter & dark rum in the summer...currently my favorite rum is Bacardi 8 Year (strong & dark with the mellowness that comes with age)...red wine is also a fav...merlots, cabs, etc...been really enjoying the italian reds this past year...they go great with a j!
  2. just give me some ICE colde bud lites and some jack and im set...
  3. Im spoiled because of the store i work at..... Im a bitch and only drink top shelf products with very or lil mixtures now....

    if you really want to know i\'ll write the list......

    and beer pretty much everything and anything at any time and place, depends what else im drinking and my mood.....as well as the atmosphere...
  4. KOB, nice taste in scotch, Macallan\'s one of my fav\'s too. When in the mood for a peaty single malt, do you ever drink Lagavulin?
  5. Absinthe...
  6. Balvinie double wood...... midly priced scotch yet ohhh sooo smooth and filled with charecter.....

    If you want the really serious stuff, go for a bottle of caden head...... :)

  7. then pound st. ides and be happy.....

    sometimes a 40 is the only thing to make me feel better.....lol...
  8. For me, I\'m a simple kind of gal...........I prefer bud light as my beer of choice. But I\'m much more of a liquor drinker. If I\'m just going to do shots, it\'s jack daniels (black label only). But I have a tendency to crave mixed drinks with there being a toss-up between my favorites...........either a white russian or a california tango. Damn, now I\'m in the mood to drink!!!!!!!! LOL
  9. lets see
    beer: budlight, keystone light if i need to go cheap
    Whiskey: jack or southern comfort
    rum: bacardi 151
    thats it lol
  10. Guiness is my beer of choice, but nothing beats a nice Gentlemans Jack or Jack One Barrel on the rocks. :)
  11. Tequila - Jose Cuervo Gold

    Whisky - Chivas Regal

    Cognac - XO

    Vodka - Absolut

    Gin - I dont like gin

    Rum - Bacardi or Malibu

    Beer - Corona Extra, Heineken, and Carlsberg. I dont like american beer.

    Favorite Mixed drink - Margarita
  12. Tennents Lager. There\'s no better!

    \"Tennent\'s was the first lager to be brewed in Scotland. An authentic Scottish lager with a distinctive, crisp taste...it remains Scotland\'s favourite beer, brewed with a passion only the Scots possess!
    It\'s success: high quality, natural ingredients; purest water, finest Scottish barley, and the care and experience which only 400 years of family brewing heritage can bring.\" - Tennents website.
  13. i am not a big beer drinker, at all, but i\'ll drinl corona with lime, and i like screwdrivers and vodka and redbull. if you have never had red bull and absolute, try it.... it willl get you fucked up and its easy to drink. but i am usually DD cause i don\'t drink much and i am responsible and i don\'t want people driving drunk

    hahahahahaha! that stuff is sooooo shite!
    get your self a stella if it has to be lager. sheesh!
    chickenwing.. wtf are you on man!? yu never tasted red MacGreggor or something? :D go get yo sef a bottle NOW!
    \"Tennents Lager. There\'s no better!\"

    ahhh... its good to see a few people know a good whiskey. ;)
    Mcallan is my number 2. (no i dont mean poo... silly)
    it really is such a suuuuuuperb whiskey.
    have you ever tried the madera wood cask mcallan? mm mm MMM!


    in my opinion, and somewhat limited experience (probably not tried more than 20 single malts in my life), I would have to say that the finest scotch whiskey is... Highland Park.
    it has so much deapth to its character, kinda peaty, a broad taste, its got the exact characteristics i look for in a fine single malt.
  15. I get the feeling that a lot lager drinkers in Scotland put down Tennants simply because it\'s the most popular, but of all the lager\'s I\'ve tried, when chilled, I can honestly say that to the best of my knowledge, Tennents is the best lager out there (that\'s one long sentence). Though I haven\'t tried your \'red MacGreggor\', Digit, I\'ll have to give that a go.

    But anyway, who wants booze when you can get stoned!

  16. ah so true!

    i honestly dont like beer, absolut vodka if i drink at all. its all about the green heeeeell yea

  17. best how? certainly not for taste. there\'s nothing remarkable about the alcohol content. do they put something else in it? maybe a little caffiene, crack or base? lol. is it because they have the best adverts?

    nodding furiously.

    i\'m now T-Total again. i\'ll feel so much more healthy in a few months.
  18. uhh... are you sure you posted that in teh right thread? am i in the right thread??? i\'m so confused.

  19. Well, I\'m afraid it is the taste, as long as it\'s chilled. I admit that if it\'s warm, it\'s not very enjoyable, not that any beer is. Funnily enough though, I found some Red MacGregor bottles in my kitchen yesterday evening. I\'ll have to scout the house for some full ones!

    But on the subject of Tennents, I think we\'ll have to agree to disagree. I like it, you don\'t. Done, OK?! :)
  20. hehe. ok. :)

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