favorite pizza place(chains only)

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. as far as i know these places are damn near everywhere so we have all had their pizza and can make a comparison
  2. pappa john's vege pizza with tomatoes is the only thing I'll eat out of the three chains menu, I'de rather have Pita Pit yo
  3. i voted for dominos because i can order online, and thats the only thing i can do when im baked, but ideally, based solely on quality of food, i would have to go with papa johns.. that garlic sauce is better than sex
  4. pizza hut is the shit! i love the pan/thick crust pizzas!!!
  5. Out of those, papa johns. They seem thicker than the others. But no one can beat Little Ceazers breadsticks.
  6. Pizza Hut, Papa Johns is meh and Dominos's is really inconsistent with their pizza.
  7. Never had Papa Johns so I can't really vote. But I do love pizza hut buffet lunch.
  8. pizza hut stuffed is the shit
  9. Uhm probably pizza hut for me. Wait. No, yeah, it is. I think.
  10. Hand-tossed from the Hut

    but i could really go for some 5-star up in Gainesville, good pizza but the garlic rolls are where its at, just dripping in garlic butter sauce
    the mellow mushroom is really good, they are startin to really spread out, just not like the major chains

    oh, and Cicis their bread stix and cinn rolls, pizza isnt very good

    just got the muchies so bad

    Edit: my 100th post

  11. Yes! The lunch buffet rules over all. That was the first place I ever had dessert pizza.
  12. Cici's Pizza FTW :) I don't eat a whole lot of pizza though.
  13. ^^
    I love going to Cici's high and just binging.

    Of the above choices, I vote Papa John's
  14. Domino's

    My Monday night routine when I'm at school is to order a large chicken pizza and a side of BBQ wings at 8:30 so it arrives just in time for 24
  15. Is Papa Murphys a chain store? Cuz they got the best pizza (even if u do gotta make it yourself)
  16. Yup.:cool:
  17. I dont like any of those, but Sbarros is the best, followed by Lil Caesars!
  18. Out of those 3 choices i pick pizza hut, but my favourite pizza is the PIZZA PIZZA chain. "Ontario's favourite pizza" they are in every town here.

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