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Favorite pet to toke with?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iMarihuana, May 13, 2011.

  1. So i was sitting here, stoned of course, and i looked at my cat and realized i have a burning passion for her (not sexually or anything, i just really love her), but i think im just really really baked. So i went over and started petting her and she purred and rubbed on me. I just love cats so much. They are so relaxed and non chalant. They really seem to enjoy life. What is your guys favorite pet to be stoned with?:smoke:
  2. My dog, just loves to love.
  3. My goldfish, he knows when to shut the fuck up.
  4. My friends cat is the shit.
  5. My dog's lazy as fuck (basset hound) so he's good to chill with whilst baked.
  6. Definitely animal abuse, dont get your pets high!

    Edit: and talking about getting animals high isnt allowed on the forums btw. So dont talk about blowing scooby a hit in his ear, alright :D

  7. lol, i was doin the same thing with my cat, except I was laying in the middle of my kitchen floor petting my cat. Then I realized I was really baked.
  8. I've already done it plenty of times... enough where the spider would fail a drug test.
  9. Hehe yeah i know it was animal abuse, just sarcasm. And we arent talkign about our favorite animal to get high, our favorite animal to be high with :) Thanks for your concern and not freaking out on me
  10. How's it abuse? They might like it ;)

  11. There's a rapist mind set if I ever saw one lol

  12. haha.. that's a whole 'nother ball park...
  13. Ya i got what this thread was about.
    I got that it wasnt your favorite animal to get high, but to be high with. But i was just seeing some comments about "blowing hits to my spider" and things thats why i had to clear it up. Its not just you :smoke:
  14. Lets keep the post on topic guys :) - I wonder if anyone has ever toked with a hampster nearby. I would love to sit there while stoned, petting a hampster as it aimlessly runs around on my bed, or ground or whatever. So soft :)
  15. There's a difference between smoking with your pet chillin with you, and forcing your pet to be around while you smoke. I always allow my dogs to leave the room, as well as have good ventilation in the room so if they don't want to get high, they won't.
  16. My cat is fairly long haired and I always knew he was soft. Then I started getting high at home and I got to feel him then. It blew my mind just how awesomely soft and cuddly he is.
  17. Yeah, cuteness scale skyrockets by like 100% too
  18. Allergic to cats so forget that :(

    Dogs are what it's all about to chill with baked. My girlfriends got a daschund that jumps all over your face in the most adorable fashion - can be overwhelmingly cute when blazed though. Also some of my friends have chinchillas which are entertaining - they bath in dustiness :)
  19. #20 Smotpoking, May 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Basically happens whenever I'm high at my
    House. Until I fall asleep and have a crazy dream, and jolt upright, scaring my cat away.

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