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Favorite papes???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavior, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. I'm just curious as to what everyone uses for rolling joints. I've found that so far the very best has been Randy's Wired papers, but I havent been smoking for long, so I'm sure that there are better ones.

    Whats the best?
  2. Wheat papers are good. But Rice papers are better. Im not sure the exact brand right now. But currently im stuck with some Kite cigerette rolling papers. I really need to get some zigzags
  3. Vanilla Blunt Wraps
  4. use good old job 1.5 and shwisser for blunts or how ever you spell it
  5. i got zigzags
  6. oops I forgot you were talkin about joint papers.....Well in that case I guess I like zig zags....Or any flavored papers.
  7. JOB 1.5s
  8. Zig-Zag Slow Burning for my joints and strawberry phillies for my blunts...Whats so good about rice paper?
  9. I just use King Size Red Rizzlas.....

    When I can be bothered I go to a head shop and get funky coloured/flavoured ones...

    Rainbow sounds good... gotta find some of them! :D
  10. Job french lights 1 1/4...

  11. eww red rizla... taste that paper! i'll get whatever seems ok - there's fuck loads of good skins out there, most of which are the same if you check them out. how classy are kulu slims with the piano and hi-soc chick on them? generally smoking red/green does me nicely.

  12. been smoking 4 a while now...last 2/3 years, smoke only j's!
    as far as randy's go...the only good thing about em is that they r easy 2 if some of your friends r spazs (as many of mine r!) it might b a good idea...

    bambu's r ok, but the glue kinda annoys me, e-z widers, r just lots of excess paper, unless u get the 1.5 size ultra lights, which r decent.

    dunno if u have them where u r (hard 2 find in ny except in the villiage!) and they r so incredibally common in europe, but rizla is pretty good, thoough often 2 small 4 us americans!

    but i think i do have 2 admit that my favorites r very uncommon! unfortunately, i dont get them often, and cant remember their name! But...they r unmistakable! in a bright blue and yellow package, with a picture of a victorian man smoking...inside r these incredibally thin papers! so thin, they dont even have, or need glue! If you find these, a fun thing 2 do, and understand how thin the paper is, is to stand up a piece on an ashtray (so u dont start a fire!) and light it!
    it actually floats into the air! not just that! no ashes r left!!
  13. Just use the sit they sell at 7-11, EZ Wider, Double Wides.
  14. Venti papers, Venti filters.
  15. Right now I got a pack of "juicy jay's" orange flavored papers. All papers are pretty much the same to me (besides size and what theyre made of). So I usually like flavored one the best, mmmmm.
  16. bugler

    and any chocolate papers.....mmmmmm
  17. MMmmmmMMMM.........Chocolate......*drools*
  18. chocolate..and shit....

    tastes like cocoa pebbles...mmmm *drools too*
  19. BIG BAMBU hemp papers are my favorite. they smoke soooo smooooth..and you know how i like it smooooth lol ;)
  20. smooth is the only way to even think about touching it to your lips ;)

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