favorite music when your high?

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  1. most likely this has been done many times before, but im interested to know what people listen to when theyre high. for those of you that listen to music when your high, whats your favorite?

    mine personally is jazz, its really fuckin interesting when im blazed for some reason.
  2. I like really mellow rap, the best are some DJ Quik.
  3. yeah so i made a double thread... sorry... i know thats pretty annoying in a forum, just dont bump the lower one at all, let it die.
  4. any cool rap is ok with me...i like jus bout anything... rock, rap, hip, techno... hard rock anything is good...i really like lil john and rappin along to that is fun and rob zombie is awesome too
  5. shouldnt this have gone to the music thread..ah well...trip hop, mushroom jazz, reggea(im high right now and dont know how to spell it), ambience ( that is the shit), techno, rock...

    edit:shit i should of let it die out, fuck!
  6. Im all into EDM (electronic dance music), specifically house music, tech house, prog house, electro house, a little bit of trance (i find it boring). I even do some mixing myself (i have a pair of cdj-1000s and a allen&heath xone 32 mixer if u know what im talking about).
    Some appreciated DJ's:
    John Digweed
    James zabiela
    James Holden
    Steve Lawler

    If you want to experience good EDM, please do so in a club or at a rave, to a newbie EDM is boring when listened to normally. To be born into this music you have to have a whole night partying, drugs help, and you will "see the light" :p
  7. i like system of a down, KmK, and Tech N9ne just a few fav. but i love AC/DC and Metallica also
  8. in the sahdows by story of the year


    FCPREMIX by the fall of troy
  9. Psychadelic trance like Infected Mushroom.
  10. ah well people are different lebowski, some dont get it, some do...i had friend of mine listen to some fennez and he was like "what the fuck was that, it was just clicks and beeps" so i told him you have to listen past the front sounds. oh yeah fennez is great baked too, lol.
  11. I love listening to Flamenco when I'm high. It's really interesting; music that constantly changes, that is (well not constantly, but you know what I mean). Black Sabbath is also a really common choice for me, particularly the album Master of Reality. Pyschadelic music from the 60's is always great no matter what. Sometimes I'll pull of some really heavy death metal, like Nile, for a crazy experience.
  12. any music is chill.

    MY favorties are probrably
    Bob Dylan
    Kotton Mouth kings
    Bob Marley
  13. I really like listening to rap when im high something with a good sound and my usual punk/alternative/hardcore stuff which always puts me in a good mood when im stoned
  14. METAL BITCH:metal::metal:

    By the way everyone listen to ween
  15. I like listening to modern jazz like Chris Potter and Dave Holland stoned; free jazz is just too frantic when I'm high.

    Psychedelic and Jam Bands are always great, so are progressive rock bands like Yes and Jethro Tull. Bob Marley's an obvious one.

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