favorite music when your high?

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  1. most likely this has been done many times before, but im interested to know what people listen to when theyre high. for those of you that listen to music when your high, whats your favorite?

    mine personally is jazz, its really fuckin interesting when im blazed for some reason.
  2. for me it is Pink Floyd,Bob Marley,Kottonmouth Kings,Led Zeppelin those are all recommended when high
  3. shit man, anythings good high i could listen to abra kadabra by steve miller, lick my nutz by 3 6 mafia, faggot by mindless self indulgence or any number of other terrible songs and i bet id be content.
  4. Peter Tosh - Smoke Your Herb, you will laugh your ass off for like the first minute cuz he sounds like a jamaican auctioneer.
  5. I usually listen to Reggae. I also listen to Jazz, soul, or anything relaxing.

    By the way this is like the 10,000th thread on this topic. :D
  6. mogwai, sigur ros, portugal the man...etc
  7. Anything, all music is good when high, even shit I hate when not high, it just makes you concentrate so much on everything.
  8. I like to listen to alot of techno, Infected Mushroom is a good group. But when I'm high I usually completely forget to change when a crappy song on my playlist comes on, and I just listen to whatever comes up :laughing:
  9. The Beatles (After 1964), Coldplay, Bob Marley. Hate it when your high on iTunes on shuffle, and one of the songs you like sober but not high comes on ... and I have to run to my laptop before it ruins my high.
  10. bone thugs man. i mention them a lot, but damn it theyre that damn good, and that much better when high.
  11. Pink Floyd, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Bob Marley, Damien Marley, 311, Oasis, The Beatles, Slightly Stoopid, Kottonmouth Kings, Eek-a-moose.

    I could go on but those are just a few that I listen too.
  12. Reggae!! Is my favorite. Everything from Bob, Damian, Julian & Ziggy Marley to Burning Spear, Toots & the Maytals, Dubconscious, Mystic Roots, Sublime, Israel Vibration, Black Uhuru, Peter Tosh, The Wailers, Steel Pulse, Yellowman, Eek-A-Mouse, Lee Scratch Perry, Matisyahu, King Tubby, Barrington Levy, etc.

    also a little bit of electronica especially Soundtribe Sector 9!
  13. pink floyd, led zeppelin, bob marley, radiohead, sigur ros, jack johnson, dave matthews band

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