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Favorite "Munchies" Food

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SupremeBeam, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Whats you favorite food to have when you have the munchies? I love Sunchips or frenchfries.
  2. id have to go with pizza...or bbq krunchers
  3. hahah awesome thread. fuck. everything is good. ice cream, fritos, really good hamburgers, cookies, the list goes on and on
  4. My friend and I always buy a brand of chips called "Munchies" just to be ironic
  5. Anything I can find - chips, cookies, meat, etc.
  6. Ive said it before ill say it again. Cheddar cheese munchies rule!!!:hello:
  7. french onion sunchips are cloud nine no lie.
  8. damn theirs a ton of these threads but I would have to say pasta with home made sauce and butter and romano cheese with bread and butter on the side and a big ass glass of ice tea.
  9. 1/2lb. cheesy bean & rice burritos.
  10. Flamin Hot Mucnhies RULE!

  11. Your fucking right on that one. Lol Harvest Cheddar ones are the shit too man
  12. a choco-taco from the gas station
  13. I cook up some frozen fish filets or fish sticks or stofer's lazanga/french bread pizza. all that shit is hella good.
  14. wings, steak, sushi
  15. Hot Garlic Shrimp Chips...they taste amazing but your breath will smell like a shithole afterwards. Lol.
  16. tits tilapia
  17. sheittt ive had tons of munchies but nothing compares too.......


    omg yes hostess blueberry mini muffins are SO good when ur stoned
  18. mcdonalds dollar menu
  19. Personally, my favorite food when im amp'd has to be Subway or any kind of fast food (Burger King, McDonalds, etc...)
  20. Im with passdat i love the dollar menu......subway or homemade subs made with fresh roast beef, VIRGINIA SMOKED HAM, and some turkey, a little lettus and mayo but you deff need the VIRGINIA SMOKED HAM you must go buy some of this its kinda expencive 5.17 per pound here....but its worth every cent also som thin slices of munster cheese YES!

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