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Favorite Munchies Food

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xplicitcontent, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. Alright, I got the munchies right now, and since I don't see any posts about it, what's your all time favorite munchies food that you'll actually get up to go get at 4am.

    For me, gotta be chocolate ice cream and pizza delivered from dominoes.

    Also everything on this list
  2. Spicy Buffalo Wings!!!
  3. ......CHEEZE ITS AND MILK!!!...LIKE CEREAL..also bbq sandwiches are good..a piece of bread with a dab off bbq sauce...umm..oreos and milk are off the hook too.......DONT DRINK THE CHEEZE ITS AND MILK MILK WHEN YOUR DONE WITH IT...its the same principal as bong water..
  4. Dont no about yall, but I love Chalupas, Big Mack, Sourtho Jack. and tacos from this taco stand in the gass station near my house.

  5. mushrooms (psychedelic) are a good munchie while your high... believe me your hunger will be satisfied!!

  6. anything is good for me but mcdonalds cheeseburgers for 49 censt are teh best fucking deal ever i love that shit
  7. yea, it happens everyday, national munchies day, where u can get munchies for cheap, so u have more money for weed.
  8. Definitely Quik Chek sub sandwiches. And glazed popems.
  9. Well over here in my hometown it's hard to find anywhere that's open 24hrs.....except for petrol stations, so it's gotta be 2bob crisps a bob being lots of 10pence crisps like....quarterbacks...tangy raiders....meanies....frazzles and johnn's onion far the best of the lot....oh and if you have the munchies for chocolate....a bar of cadbury's dairy milk....mmmmmmm......Peace out....Sid
  10. Better watch those munchies. They get worse over time!!!!!

    Buffalo wings and pop corn shrimp!!!!!!!!!
  11. yo right on e xplicit..that just bugged me out, the pic! lol, I got the munchies right and just called (LOVE TO ORDER when Im stoney!!) and ordered fried chicked, potato skins and jamician jerk chicken (its a kick ass chicken place sooooooooooo gooooooood) i cant wait!! I just called so like 20 min I cant wait!


  12. cadbury cream eggs? hmmm
  13. chicken wings, waf-fulls, PBJ sandwiches, ramen, snickers, triple thick milkshakes, pizza rolls, saucerbread from a local pizza place, and if you have access to one, mongolian barbeque is incredible to eat while baked.... my friends and i took a 2 hour drive just to go there stoned!
  14. gold fish crackers (chedder) Bottel of faygo grape soda
  15. bbq wings, blu cheese dressing, pepperoni/mushroom pizza, PHILLY CHEESE STEAKS! ha! i love philly :) um, peach cheesecake, italian sausage, cereal, banana splits, pumpkin pie, TACO BELL!!! i love chalupas... supreme chalupas... taco's are good too (which reminds me, i'm gonna get a chihuahua and hame it taco, lol)... anywayz... it's basically anything i can find to eat.

    btw, the bong water isn't THAT bad... lol. get's ya kinda messed up (i've only done it twice though)
  16. i personally think anything is good for munchin out!!
    food just tastes soooo much better when your stoned so if you like it when your not stoned then you will LOVE it when your baked!

    i always crave sweedish berries!!!
  17. APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love fruit! It helps with the munchies and the cottons.

  18. me too! and veggies. and of course, hard candy.

  19. ROFLMAO!!! THE COTTONS!!! lol. i know all about the cottons.... and agree that fruit helps considerably... but the best thing for the cottons that i've found so far are sour gummy worms and sour patch kids. they're sour, but not too sour, and they got the gumminess to 'em. all the sugar is enough to get your mouth watering with even the worst case of the cottons.

    also try cut strawberries dipped in sugar. MMMMM

  20. I LOVE those little sugar coated sour gummy things. I can't go to a mall without going by to get some. Yummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

    Cottons, I never called them the cottons until you...I always said cotton mouth-BLAH! I like Cottons!'re killing me here!!!!!

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