Favorite movie while stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by blueberry_boi, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. I was just wondering what your guys fav movie are while stoned mine are

    Half baked
    Cheech and Chong Nice Dreams
    Jeepers Creepers
  2. Jeepers Creepers is a terrible movie. I really don't understand watching Cheech and Chong movies while high, they seem funny without being baked. Anyways, (all of these are asian movies). Ichi the killer, Oldboy , Battle Royale and Audition are all very good (and very gorey) movies that i enjoy. As for comedies..eh anything really.
  3. harold and kumar go to white castle.


    blade runner (non-director's cut)

    Emporer's new groove


    Legend (can you tell i like creepy, early ridley scott?)

    ~ Paranosis ~
  4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
    Running Scarred.

    @ZergRush, hey man, I love those asian movies...I'm guessing you're asian....I could be wrong. But OLDBOY is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, but for some reason it's intense. I thought Hostel was f'ed up, but man oh man. (Watch Hostel on weed, and the gorey scenes become that much more lively. You actually cringe hard. You start actually grabbing your body parts and shit and you can almost feel their pain....trippy).

    @Blueberry_boi, where in Illinois u live man?

    I have OldBoy on my computer...I think I'm gonna watch it now. If anyone wants it, PM. Gotta have a fast connection tho.
  5. lol I saw M:I:3 in theaters for the first time when I was high. It was crazy.

    I like chill movies though. Serendipity ... I watch South Park or other dumb shows a lot like One Tree Hill rofl. :smoking::smoking:
  6. Not Asian here man. Mexican / Italian. I got into those hardcore asian movies because of my ex-girlfriend. She was Korean and Japanese..or someshit. If you liked OldBoy check out "Audition". The only problem is that its veeeery hard to find for under 100$. But thats what the internet is for eh?
  7. I really like the movie Puff Puff Pass irregardlessly if anyone is messed up it has a hilarious cast including Danny Masterson, don't know the dude with dreads but there is a surprise ending with the dude from Road Trip and Urkel from Family Matters smoking up in this apartment it is awsome.

    Oh and another movie to watch when you are messed up is the Shank(shawshank Redemption)
  8. Reefer Madness: The Musical - oh god, funniest. shit. ever! With that chick from Veronica Mars, Alan Cumming, the brother from Wings, and alot more good people. So cheesey, so hammed up, so colorful and -so- friggin' trippy! Best depiction of Jesus Christ I have seen yet.
  9. Good Morning Vietnam. Damn good movie, its got Robin Williams in it. Another is Gone In Sixty Seconds, thats a hot movie. Usually tho, whatever the kids are watching works for me. :D
  10. The Rock

    Fear and Loathing

    The Wall

  11. I saw MI:III high too and it was INTENSE. For me it'd have to be:

    Friday, All About The Benjamins, Next Friday, Dazed & Confused, Fight Club, Half-Baked, How-High, and any Jet Li/Chow-Yun Fat Movies, and the Battle Royale movies.
  12. i saw silent hill high at my friends house the other day, it was boot leg but none the less scary and i swear to you there was gonna be a lesbian sex scene and it was gonna rock but they must have edited it out. Don't ask me how i know it was gonna happen... you just have to know.
  13. The Warriors
    Grandmas Boy
    Clockwork Orange
    Xmen III
    & some old movie from the 50's called Mary Jane it is hilarious
  14. Haha im watching Grandmas boy right now. Movie is HIGHlarious.
  15. I watched Grandma's boy the other night... but I was so ripped out of my fucking mind, I barely remember the movie... so I'm gonna watch it sober soon to get the details of it... but it seemed pretty funny.
  16. grandma's boy is the absolute shit

    i love that movie its sooo crazy

    "i'm a sea bird flying over the sea.....
    then i dove down in the ocean and swam with the dolphins.......

    i was two mammels formed as one..... meaning gooood things are coming... yes good things."
  17. dazed and confused
    waking life
    the seventh seal
    the wall
  18. Ya'll gotta watch See No Evil while baked. I went to the movies Sunday night after smoking some "Lean Weed" from Pahokee with my boy, and we saw that and I was jumpy! Shit had me freakin'! June 6th, that "The Omen" movie comes out. So I'ma watch that June 7th - which is my birthday, I'll be 21. I'ma toke up so fucking much prior to watching it!
  19. dude I don't know why, but I always enjoy watching Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the movie. It's just so fucking entertaining. LoL. And grandma's boy is absolutely sick.
  20. ^^^Hitchhiker's Guide is fucking awesome. I enjoy watching "The Life Aquatic," "How High," and Constantine too.

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