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Favorite Movie While Stoned?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonerRob, May 21, 2013.

  1. What's your favorite movie when you're red eyed and super high?

  2. superbad is a funny one, and any of the harlod and kumar movies give me a good laugh
  3. Dazed and Confused is my # 1

    Other good ones are cheech and chong in Up In Smoke, fast times at ridgemont high, American pie movies are good too
  4. i forgot the name but the one where the two stoners go to great lengths for white castle. its funny as fuck.
  5. The first Cheech and Chong Movie is pretty good. I actually made a 20 minute video off of my computer of funny random movie clips ranging from the Scary Movie series, Cheech and Chong, Chris Farley movies, Jim Carrey movies, The Hangover movies, couple of scenes of Adam Sandler movie "Thats My Boy" and etc...  Just bunch of random funny scenes lol.
  6. Idk why but I watch scarface almost everytime if I'm high and about to go to sleep.
    Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
  8. Look at my name...That should answer your question hah.
  9. Memento is the trippiest movie I have ever seen while high.
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    Memento is such an awesome movie. So weird. Christopher Nolan flicks usually are but really good. I have it on my netflix instant queue even though I've seen it a few times already...good choice
    I suggest The Following. another Nolan film on netflix. Its set up like Resevoir Dogs (a great film, that and Pulp Fiction) where ever scene isn't in order and you have to figure out the chronology of the movie yourself.

    oh and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Watch the ending stoned. Biggest Mindfuck Ever!
  11. Lol I love watching goofy Jim Carrey movies like The Cable Guy, and Dumb and Dumber.
    Of course, you got the obvious ones, cheech and chong, harold and kumar, etc...
    I also like adam sandlers older movies, like Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore, but I did enjoy watching the movie "Click" when stoned. Another funny dude to watch is Jack Black, specially in "Year One" and "Shallow Hal" lol. Oh, and Tenacious D of course.
    Will Ferrell is alright, but I enjoy Zack Galifinakis more(bearded guy from Hangover), his movies, "The Campaign" and "Due Date" are REALLY funny.
    Now, for serious movies...
    I like the Dark Knight(only the one with Ledger), I also like the Pirates of the Carribean movies when stoned, and a lot of Tim Burtons films, I also really liked Edward Scissorhands and Beetle Juice while blazed. Any western when i'm high, is awesome. Lol, one time I watched Titanic high(girlfriend had it on)and it was actually 10 times better than when sober, trust me. Any Disney movies, preferably the older ones. I mean, just a bunch of fucking movies.
    Some horror movies I like are...
    Almost ALL Stephen King novel based films, specially "The Shining" and "Misery". I do like "IT" but i've never watched it stoned, yet :(
    I LOVE the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw movies when i'm stoned. I really like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street(mainly only the first 3)and childs play!(Mainly only 1, but 2 and 3 are alright, too). 
    Ummm....i've watched Eraserhead when stoned, trippy fucking film, lynch is a horror god, check it out when you get the chance. Rob zombies movies were okay...oh god, so many movies, I am a HUGE movie watcher when stoned.
    I literally have a whole list of hundreds of movies I downloaded only for when i'm stoned, ranging from comedy, to horror, to animation, even to fucking love stories lol no joke.
  12. If you haven't watched Life with Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy yet I would most def suggest watching it blitzed, top 5 on my movie list no doubt.
  13. I really like Pulp Fiction. Great movie, just the definition of badassery.

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