favorite movie to watch while stoned, and why?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. i was just wondering what everyone's favorite movie to watch while baked is? and why? (lol, sounds like a highschool essay question :))

    i'd have to say mine would be the matrix. i like it because of the special affects. they're really mind blowing when you're all toasted. i haven't gotten around to watching Lord of the Rings stoned yet, but i imagine it'll be amazing. when all 3 come out on DVD i'm gonna have an all day movie fest while baked. i can't wait.
  2. cheech and chong up in smoke cause it is so hilarious. it hurts to watch that movie while stoned bcause you laugh so hard
  3. I just saw Austin Powers: Goldmember on Free-Per-View while mad-baked. That movie kept me laughing hysterically. I love that slapstick shit. But my favorite movie to watch baked is The Stoned Age. It's not really a movie about getting stoned, the original title was actually supposed to be Tack's Chicks. But this movie is by far my favorite movie to watch anytime. Which means while stoned. Thanks.

  4. My favorite movie right now is Koyaanisqatsi. Cool flick. Just got it on DVD.
  5. matrix is the ultimate movie ....

    but my favorite stoned movie has got to be Pink Floyd's- The Wall ... its a must see while baked ...
  6. The big lebowski, because its hilarious and theres some trippy ass parts in there too. aside from that, the southpark movie and beavis & butthead do america are probably the funniest things ever to watch after a blunt (or 2)
  7. Evil Dead 2 is a riot to watch all baked. I think the original Evil Dead was supposed to be a horror flick but it was soo cheesy no one prolly took it seriously so with the sequel I think they were going for a parody of the first one, either way it's pretty amusing..
  8. Happy Gilmore's gotta be up there as a top caners-film!!! (The ONLY funny Adam Sandler film)
  9. While hungover and stoned I will put in Pink Floyd The Wall. Older Cheech and Chong flicks, old Looney Tunes cartoons (they had to be on something back then). Also good porno is usually entertaining.

    Oh yea, Fast Times at Ridgemont high. Spicoli was one of my heroes!
  10. haha i just watched Out Cold. its a pretty funny movie. but i would have to say. pulp fiction, resevoir dogs
  11. Looney Tunes always kick sphincter. But a movie that always makes me laugh when I'm straight, and will generally make me shoot some sort of beverage out my nose is " Kingpin " with Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid. For some reason that movie tears me up. Another one that really cracks me up is " Planes, Trains and Automobiles" ** THOSE ARENT PILLOW"S!!**

    And almost any Cheech and Chong movie is great. Up In Smoke, Nice Dreams, Next Movie. They're all pretty good except "The Corsican Brothers. That one wasn't too good IMO
  12. SUPERTROOPERS!! i just saw it while trippin on sum Fungi... hilarious... Belly (Dmx and Nas), and Juice (2pac)are my favourites.
  13. I almost start crying cause I'm laughing so hard at "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", especially when Michael Caine is puttin
    the cane to Steve Martin while he's in the wheelchair.!!!!!
    Just about pissed me troussers on that one...

  14. I was in tears watching SUPERTROOPERS. Ya'll have to watch this movie.. Best one I've seen in a while!!!!!!!!!
  15. Supertroopers is rather funny! And sorry but Adam Sandler cracks my shit uP! but my all time favs to watch while stoned are either "The Breakfest Club" "Detroit Rock City" or "Dazed and Confused" all absolutly hillarious! Pink Floyd's the wall is the shit too but i usually just sit and stare at that on its pretty trippy! Later on
  16. What does it for me is undeveloped humor like How High, Half Baked, or Beavis and Butthead Do America. Those are all excellent movies to watch while stoned, or hell even while sober! hehehe, happy smoking to all.
  17. I'm a big tv junky wiyh alot of pretty cool toys and I have a few good movies in mind but the one all timer I can suggest is Homegrown with Billybob!
  18. After reviewing what everyone else liked, I was surprised to notice no one mentioned National Lampoon's Senior trip or Van Wilder!

    After all, one must be sufficiently stoned first to view either one!

    Next Friday is an equally good one to relax with!
  19. i gotta change my choice... i ate a quarter of shrooms on wednesday and watched that movie Ice Age... omg... i was like "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING!?!?!?" and "AM I REALLY SEEING THAT!?!?" throughout the whole movie. it was insane. i strongly suggest that everyone eat some shrooms (for those of you who do) and watch this movie. you won't regret it.
  20. I think the movie American Psycho is hilarious. Especially the scene where the guy talks about all the soaps he uses.

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