Favorite mindblowing movie suggestions?

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    Hello everyone. I've been getting into movies, most with Leonardo DiCaprio I hate to say it, that just blow and mess with your mind. The plot will be going one way and in one sentence it could just flip the whole story around. Such as The Departed, Inception, Shutter Island & The Prestige. Can you guys give me more suggestions of sweet movie with a mindblowing story??? Thanks :p

    EDIT: jezzzuss so many suggestions thanks everyone for fucking my mind even more :p keep them coming and Ill keep on watching!
  2. Primer - it's about time travel but it's also pretty confusing! it shall blow your mind
  3. Yeah definitely gonna watch this, was also reccomended by a friend of mine, thanks!
  4. The Game w/ Michael Douglas
    It'll just make you WTF everywhere for like hours.
    A little older, but still. Just smoke, and be prepared for some serious WTF'ing.
  5. hahahaha thank you, that's what I like to hear ;)
  6. Primal Fear....I guess it's not really mind blowing, but still. Watch it.

    ........Are you watching it yet?
  7. The games a classic for sure --- also, Mulholland Drive
  8. The Game.

    Memento. (The director of Inception directed this as well I believe.)

    Fight Club. (I know the name really doesn`t sound like it, or what your pre-conceived notion on it may be... if you follow it you`ll be like WTF? I`ve watched it about 5 - 10 times, every time I`ve noticed something new. Chuck Palahaniuk is a mind-fucking beast!)
  9. cannibal holocaust
  10. Pi

    Its made by the same guy who made Requiem for a Dream
  11. hahahaha wtf?!?
  12. Dude you have to watch Moon. Guy harvests stuff on the moon. crashes. wakes up. see's another one of himself walking around. ~~~wtf~~~

    PS- I'm seeing Pink Floyd in December (=
  13. Whether or not you want to be mindfucked.. it will happen

  14. Is it bad of me to say I wanted to fuck the tits off Winona in that movie?
  15. Layer Cake is good, not mind blowing but u should see it. Dark City is very awesome and mindblowing. In Bruges is pretty good.

    i dunno mind blowing is really a matter of perception, i thought Labyrinth was mind blowing as a child, not as much today but still worth watching. Inception was mind blowing the first time but i doubt it'll have that property after multiple views. Its definitely the best movie that came out in my lifetime thus far. (imo)

    edit- btw, am i the only one who thought "Pi" sucked balls? the fountain is in my top 5, requiem is prob. in top 25...
  16. Thanks for all the suggestions, looks like I have alot of movies to watch :p Thanks for suggesting the Game, that movie was pretty wild, however I wish they actually completed more levels instead of just that one level the entire movie.
  17. American Psycho
    The Fountain
    The Prestige

  18. Nice suggestions, I was literally about to put all those. And yes, Inception gets even better with multiple viewings.
  19. Thanks everyone, this is more suggestions that I imagined, have alot of watching to do :D

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