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Favorite method of smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Anclerson, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Vapes are the way to go. Good for your health, and they get you higher than anything else for the quantity of material. Plus the taste is pure.
  2. Bongs for me!
    Blunts & Joints for on the go ;)
    but voted bongs
  3. I love relaxing and smoking a joint or two, but I must say there is nothing better then taking bong loads out of an iced filled bong :D

  4. how the fuck can u make 4 or 5 bong hits with 1g?
  5. Blunts. Joints are a close second.
  6. #66 d3thk0r3, Aug 4, 2011
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    Snaps, not packs. Put a .2 in a bowl.. Not a .5 -.-
  7. BLUNTS. but a nice glass bong could always work..
  8. Bubblers. They're so small and portable and easy to use.
  9. paper planes and backwoods
    raw unbleached hemp papers and filters the way to go
  10. bong>blunt>joint>pipe>
  11. Joints usually for me, but I am looking at bongs right now. Should I get glass or acrylic and why? I'm scared I'll break a glass one! LOL!
  12. i rarely smoke blunts, and usually i smoke joints at parties so there is no glass to break. when i am at home i rip my bong all day, if i am out and about i use my bubbler which i keep in my truck.
  13. Because you don't have to shove a whole gram into the bowl of once. That's just if you're trying to look cool.

    Smoking with a bong, is how you smoke efficiently, if you're smoking to get high that is.

    A puff off a joint, you're smoking probably 0.1 each big puff. Then, another 0.1 pours into the air in the smoke floating off the burning joint.

    Also, ever heard of a vaporizer? It heats the weed up slightly, so you only inhale the vapor. Well... Wouldn't the tip of the joint burning, and passing hot smoke through the rest of the weed just vaporize the whole joint?... So the first couple puffs are the most potent. Then the rest is just like smoking already vaped weed.

    I'd rather take my 0.2 bong hits, and get all 0.2 worth of smoke into a glass tube, rather than floating into the air.
  14. I love joints, but I also love bongs... It's really hard to choose. But I picked joints just because it's always been my favorite method. My main driver is a glass spoon though because I can't always roll up a joint and I don't have a bong yet.

  15. I use my bong 99% of the time and my little glass pipe 1% of the time.

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