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Favorite Med Strain

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by shock420, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Top 5:

    Blue Dream
    OG Kush
    King Kush
    Casey Jones
  2. can you include the effects of each strain and how it helps you?
  3. OG Kush
    Blue Dream
    Jack Herer
  4. Death Star
    Great white shark
    Blackberry kush
    Grape ape
  5. Sour Diesel
    Headband Kush
    OG Kush

    These three strains are gods of the MMJ world and have given birth to all of what I consider to be the neat strains around
  6. Ya those 3 are essential especially og kush. Also GDP
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    I love all these previously mentioned strains. Add g13, afgoo,NYC Diesel and bubba trainwreck haze.
  8. OG Kush (First Strain I really started realizing how much MJ was amazing)

    Dutch Passion (Has the greatest smell, taste to go with it)

    Sour Diesel (Only had my hands on this for a little while but it tasted great and was a great high)

    Blueberry Kush

    Strawberry Cough
  9. Headband is both other strains paired. Best of both plants too. Truely a beautiful thing.
  10. Nightshade
    great for insomnia and anxiety, g-13 is next on my list.
  11. i like bubble gum
  12. White widow (only had it once ) girl scout cookies, sour diesel, would say gdp but havent had no real fire gdp just good or average
  13. #1. Blueberry Chronic - Incredible, uplifting, cerebral, euphoric, psychadelic high
    #2. Headband - Cerebral, intense high, tastes and smells incredible.
    #3. Cold Creek Kush - Amazing for depression, euphoric and uplifting, truly a phenomenal strain.
  14. LA Confidential
    Blue Dream

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