Favorite Marijuana Related YouTubers

Discussion in 'General' started by Vanimal, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Mine are definitely custom grow 420, tokin daily, and XCodeh. The stuff that Jollie can do on cg420 is insane! Anybody watch their videos or have any other favorite marijuana related YouTubers?

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  2. Mastahrolla, can't go wrong with this dude

    Best buds for life.
  3. Idk why but I find myself watching this chicks bids. Bonghits4dumbledore1. Just stumbled across them one day and watched a few. Seems like a cool ass chick I could get down with irl. Besides that subcools channel
  4. Never heard of either of those two people. I'll have to check them out some time.

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  5. Comedian Doug Benson
    You can watch him interview celebrities and smoke weed with them on his YouTube show "Getting Doug with High".
  6. I've seen every episode. I always watch it live.

    I also watch at least one episode every day because it's fucking great to smoke and watch.
    Like I'm literally watching it right now. The episode with just Doug and Todd Glass.
  7. Haleyissoarx is also a good one along with SilencedHippie. Customgrow420 will always be my favorite though!!
  8. Yeah I like red band too!
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  10. Natty G is pretty funny
  11. michigancaregiver420. I owe dude for quite a bit of dwc knowledge.
  12. tokin daily & Xcodeh
  13. xCodeh is the shit!!
  14. Luna, xCodeh, customgrow420, and haleyissoarx
  15. I like Luna too.
  16. cant get into that dude i feel like he really does some lying in at least some of his videos.
  17. I'm disappointed none of you have mentioned our Bonglord and savior.

  18. Yeah and I think he over exaggerates some of his stories. I prefer xCodeh.

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