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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by PIPSI, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. What is your favorite type of music mine is most definitely country then probly classic rock and also i like rap but Country #1
    and favorite artists:Toby Keith,Brad Paisley,Garth Brooks Lynrd Skynard, Bob Segar,Mettalica,DMX,Snoop Dogg,
    while high i gotta go w/ sum country tried listenin to techno once while high but it kinds freaked me out
  2. for me its gotta be punk and ska, although classic rock does rock. lynrd skynard (sp?) sweet home alabama rocks!!! :cool:
  3. Defiently punk (misfits are the best), metal (prolly have to go with slayer), and black metal (cradle of filth)... haha listening to techno is fun when you're fucked up i have a lot of it downloaded. I'm trippin tonight on 'cid and my friend is bring like 3 techno cd's over... damn this is gonna be fun :)
  4. Well, my overall favorite type of music is Techno. But I like
    about anything.
  5. classic rock, like beatles and floyd are my fav, the only new rock i like is chilli peppers and volta. and i love trance and euro club
  6. I like pretty much everything, with the exception of a couple genres. Rap/hip-hop, punk, classic rock, techno, reggae, I like em all.
  7. Its all about the classic rock. I wish i lived in the 60s and 70s. much better times.
  8. I like everything except country. I really just can't feel that shit... Everything else is fine. (Punk, ska, rap, hiphop, gogo, dancehall, rock, heavy metal, jazz, acid jazz, techno, electronica, blues/bluegrass, pop,dub, and reggae of course) ...basically the same kinda thing as KeepItunreel
  9. I can't really see(dont take offense) how someone can stand to listen to only one kind of music. You know, the hardcore people of each genre, I dun get it.

  10. Yeah just realized that,Sry i smoked a huge ass bowl b4 i wrote that last night
    i'm sober now ill fix it

  11. ya ^^^^ i wish i was a senior in '76 seems like good times.
    maybe its just cause of dazed and confused :)

    i like classic rock, u kno pink floyd, led zeppelin
    tehcnos alwasy tight when u r stoned
    raps ok sometimes, oldies & classical music too.
    nething from the 70's

    i love everything cause music + bud can never go wrong
  12. AHHH the dave matthews band is all you neeeed ,but i like to throw in a lil country and def. some rock from the 70's, i wish i lived in the 70's,man yeah
  13. I've got to say reggae music. It relaxes me all the time and especially when I've smoked a joint.

  14. Yea I know what you're saying, only I wish I was older during the eighties so I could have been an 80's thrasher. Heavy metal is my fav music.
  15. Alt rock, classic rock, punk, some emo, some rap.
  16. country-blugrass-dixieland jazz-folk-mariachi-50s rock-pops'20s to 70s-and some newer stuff but i dont know the types.

    i llike to put on a stack of cd's or records, mount my lazyboy, lean way back and just slide into the music and ride there and never come down--which i am about to do!!:smoke:
  17. For myself, I'm into the Blues and Blues/Rock. Those blistering emotional guitar solos really send me to a newer, HIGHER level. But when I just need to mellow out I'll put in some adult/alt- rock... BB

    BTW, I lived in the 60's and 70's... had a LOT of fun, did the 'Nam, came home, spent a few more years in the air force where I got to refine my herbal appreciation to where it is today... Best weed I ever had was while I was in... BB

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