Favorite Jam Band?

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favorite jam band?

  1. Grateful Dead

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  2. Phish

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  3. String Cheese Incident

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  4. Widespread Panic

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  5. Les Claypools band (forgot the name :smoking: )

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  6. Blue Travler

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  7. George Clinton

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  8. Disco Biscuits

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  9. Gov't Mule

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  10. Juice

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  1. Okay, kind straight forward, whats ur fav jam band???

    My vote would have to be Phish, if it was greatest jam band then I would have no choice but to say Greatful Dead, but its not! So choice your favorite!

    edit - Okay shit, i just remebered that i forgot moe.! and I was listening to them when I made the poll! Doh!
    and if it ain't on there... tell us!
  2. the biwcuits rock... i went to camp bisco a few years ago...in ...Pa... and it was truley amazing....one fucked up party with 24-7 music for 3 days....

  3. The Band :thumbs up:. I don't see Bela Fleck and The Flectones up there, but if they were... they'd get my vote. Out of the ones listed, Phish is my favorite.

  4. that would be totally cool as hell! shit thats a double negative, or somthing...

    anway I had a whole slew of bands to put, but then i found out you can only have 10 choices, srry!
  5. Its :cool:.
  6. Phish. Definatley. Great peformence and songs to match it.
  7. i dunnnnooooo....

    any phish song you can name, it would prolly be easy to name 6 by grateful dead.
  8. cow, do you know some good phish songs i could download man.
  9. yup, we'll first off you'r gonna want some album and some live recordings. For live I'd say Mike's Song, Simple, Theme from the Bottom, Reba, and NICU.
    for studio I'd say Pepples and Marbles, Farmhouse, Hoist, and Bouncing round the room.

    This just for d/l though, as there are a shit load mmore phish songs that you can't get through Kazaa or anything simalir. If you end up buying some phish, i would say A live one volume 4 and 6 and 8 are the best.
  10. i just finally got to dl'in some phish songs, and they fuckin kick ass, phish - marijuana, great song
  11. the more i listen to that song, the more i doubt its phish...
  12. Phish songs
    you enjoy myself
    run like an antelope
    suzy greenburg
    down with disease
    silent in the morning.
  13. cant believe you forgot moe.

    ::shakes head::

  14. cmon now! i did an edit like 10 sec after i hit post thread! i claim STML! :smoking:
  15. you are forgiven :)
  16. Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade.

    That's the name of his band and they are pretty damn good. I can get into this much more than any of the other jam bands. Most likely b/c I love Primus and they are one of the best bands ever, also Les' original band he spends most his time with. And yes, PRIMUS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. i used to love phish but now i am taking a little break from them. i would have to say now the greatest jam band or band for that matter is Widespread panic so much cooler than phish. also moe. string cheese yonder mountain string band acoustic syndicate grateful dead and keller williams. cowofsteel have you ever seen phish live i did this summer and it was such great expierence man it fucking rocked i was at charlottle and the harry hood kicked some major ass. you need to do it as soon as you can man
  18. i jam to 1000's of bands but i love the acustic incubus stuuf nothing like it around i just cant get enuff of a acoustic sound with turntables nothing like it

  19. going to see them for sure next summer, doesn't matter if they don't tour here, but I'm sure they will anyway. Then after graduation, were going to Farm Fest, which is gonna kick sum major ass too!
  20. Grateful Dead.

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