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favorite jackass from jackass

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by amber420, Nov 23, 2003.


favorite jackass from jackass

  1. johnny knoxville

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  2. steveo

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  3. wee man

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  4. partyboy

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  5. bam margera

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  1. i think they are all so funny...
  2. whoever the guy was that takes a dump in the toilet at the hardware shop....

    that was jackass right??

    we did that electrode thing after we watched it.....that fukn hurts...
  3. That show's pretty retarded.

  4. better that than bold and the beautiful...

    hey critter 11 maybe u should do a poll on that??
  5. I liked them all!
  6. Knoxville himself is great, he might not do some of the craziest stuff, but his laughing at other people, is hilarious.
  7. I would have to say that steveo is the shizznitt!
  8. Knoxville is gorgeous!!! He wont make old bones though.....
    Still, I'd not mind tending his wounds.

    Jackass has me out, the TENS machine has to be one of the funniest, and PartBoys instore dancing.

    Anyone see the one with Knoxville and (I think) Eric Costain (wicked skater), where they were snowboardind down a rail, and at the end, Knoxville put the snowboard on his deck, railed it and landed it before it all collapsed?!

    Class. I wish I'd thought of it.

  9. bam wasnt really funny at all on jackass, got the majority vote though....

    How could you vote for anyone besides johnny? I mean, he did everrythinggg! hah..
  10. How could you possibly leaave out Brandon Decamillo? He gets my vote for being one funny mother fucker!

    Have any of you seen any of the CKY videos(1-4)?? They are much better than jackass!!

  11. bams the man :D......
    im not postive on this but i think it was origionally all bams ideas n stuff with,stevo,and that partyboy guy (the guys now doing wild boys) and when mtv took over the show jackass, they pulled in knoxville,for his look i suppose an made him the star...:) outta nowhere. soooooo this could be why jackass now sucks, partyboy gots his own show and viva love bam is on....
    might be wrong, but i wswear i heard that somewhere :D

  12. Yea knoxville was known for his crazy shit with Big Brother skateboarding magazine(and video) before Jackass. Bam and Brandon Decamillo along with a bunch of other people made some crazy videos called CKY 1-4. The first one and maybe the second one came out before Jackass did. There is no censoring on these videos and they're mostly stunts and pranks and other crazy shit along with good skateboarding too. I highly recommend CKY 1-4 and all of Big Brothers videos.

    Oh yea. The second big brother has Bong Olympics 94 with a lot of pro skaters and chicks taking massive bong hits in a warehouse. All the others have weed in em too, earth bong comes to mind.

  13. Yeah, bam is the man, but he's so overhyped now. I have a pair of bam v2's (skate shoes) that i got like almost a year ago, and i was like the only one who had them at my school. Then he got all popular and junk, and then EVERYONE had a pair of v2's. But the thing that made me angry was that no one actually skated in them. They were all sparkly clean like new. Mine had holes all over them from skating, and practically no laces. And this kid who had a sparkly clean pair had the nerve to dis MINE! I hate main stream posers... I got myself a pair of old school etnies cali cut, and lo cut 1's. I only know of one other kid who rocks the lo cuts and he ACTUALLY skates, so its cool...

    sorry, just had to get all this off my chest...
  14. id have to say its a tie against stevo and bam..
  15. Bam,stevo,johnny,ryan dunn,pontius
  16. raabe himself was one the funnest sounding guys ever. He never really had a big part, but he was fucking hilarious when he talked. He has a bigger part in Viva La Bam, which is a sweet show.
  17. Raab, Bam, And Brandon. The best. Johnny sucked ass

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