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Favorite indica/sativa

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by orange24, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. I have pain relief needed during day time and a very bad case of insomnia at night. What's your favorite goto strains?
  2. Bump please
  3. Where is your pain if I may ask?
  4. Lower back
  5. I would try a good hybrid during the day such as Durban Poison and for insomnia....definitely Black Domina!
  6. Are you in a medical state?
  7. Yes card in hand
  8. Durban shouldn't be any issue finding but the Black Domina may be tough. That strain puts me down in 10 minutes!
  9. Ya I need to find it! Where u located in the US
  10. I have a solo vaporizer. Do you feel like effects are comparable when smoked vs vaped for these issues?
  11. use the vape at daytime and save the avb from it to make green dragon to take at night.
  12. Sativa =Goil scout cookies 
    Indica = GDP
  13. An ⅛-¼ gram of RSO about 1-2 hours before bed gives me 7-8 hours of good sleep. I've tried four totally different batches of RSO made with different strains and they all worked for sleep. One batch used a sativa dominant and was activating initially, but even it helped me sleep a few hours after taking it. Some doctors say that cannabis cures insomnia, not by knocking you out, but by reducing anxiety and improving mood overall. When you lay down, sleep is possible because you're not full of anxiety. I think these docs are correct, but I also think that in high doses, cannabis can simply knock you out.
  14. I've heard girl scout cookies is great for day or night with sleep and pain

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