favorite ice cream

Discussion in 'General' started by Rhythm of Life, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. i just went out for a walk with my dog and sparked some bowls. now im back home a lil hungry and find ROCKY ROAD ice cream that is the shit. but lets hear what you guys like
  2. How about Ben & Jerrys HALF BAKED?! :hello:
  3. For me, it doesn't get any better than just regular chocolate.
  4. I said chocolate

    But Ive been eatin some Stephen Colbert Americone Dream lately and its dank as hell
  5. I voted for rocky road, because it was all caps. Serioulsy, I like the frozen nuts.
  6. chocolate chip cookie dough is the shit. my brain fiends out when it gets a taste
  7. I got some peach the other day. Thats the shit right there
  8. Vanilla.

    Why mess with a classic?
  9. I can't pick. They all seem delicious in their own way, and I'd want to eat them all at certain times, and they would be the perfect best. BUT, last night I had a haggen dais or whatever vanilla with hard chocolate shell with like, hazelnut chunks in it and it was the single greatest thing I've ever eaten ever.
  10. my fav is the kind thats frozen and sweet. other than that i like ben and jerrys cherry garcia and half baked. peach and strawberry is good too. ill eat anything that aint movin too fast tho. thats all i do is eat.
  11. three words,chocolate peanutbutter ripple.
  12. Vanilla soft serve

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