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favorite homemade devices?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tophatandy, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. what are some of your favorite homemade smoking devices?
    and how did you make them/ what did you make them out of?
  2. I know home made devices can be anthing to a can, or a home blown bong but to be honest, I was never fond of "ghettos".. I was never sure if anything else was burning other then the weed..

    but my favorite would be the .99 cent arizona ice tea cans, basicly make a dent where it says "arizona" and poke a few holes, lay some bud on the dent, and smoke that ishh right through where you drink..

    smoke smells like some good ice tea the first couple bowls..
  3. mine is a homemade gate as i call it its a homemade waterfall bong really, just a water bottle a socket and a knife.
    dump out the water and heat up the top with a ligher use the knife to poke a hole take a small small socket push it thru melt a hole in the bottom on the side for water to some out and your done fill with water pack with weed screw on teh top light it let go of hte whole and watch it fill with smoke take of the cap and inhale when its ready

  4. ha.. sweet. I have one of those sitting next to me now.

    the only thing I am afraid of is Alzheimers.
    I have always heard that smoking out of cans can really mess you up long term.

    but yeah.
    I think I might try it once.

    thanks for the post.
    anyone else?
  5. i use a bucket and a gallon jug. on the jug ( gatorade right now) on the lid, poke a hole through, big enough for your bowl piece, or socket. cut very bottom out of bottle. place in bucket of water. submerge jug to lid, place weed, and light. pull up slowly so the air gets sucked in, but its "milking". remove said lid and there you go, a shotgun staring you in the face. go on...try it...

  6. yeah I usually only use glass pieces because of who knows what your burning, but this is one that I did like :] and I have only used it once.. dont intend on using it again, but I liked it.
  7. #7 tophatandy, Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2008
    ha I actually understood that too (the mechanics of it I mean.. I don't usually understand stuff like that when read, I usually need like pictures or something).

    sounds sweet.

    Aren't the hits off of that really huge?
    seems like they would be.

  8. seems like the waterfall bong. guess it must be nice. I think I might try.
  9. I have a homemade pipe that is a piece of granite about 4 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide that i just drilled a couple holes in, the mouthpiece hole is 3/16 and the bowl hole is 5/8

  10. I made a bowl while I was ripped once. I ended up cutting my finger due to my awesome motor skills. That was back in highschool tho.

    I should def. try making one sober.
    thanks for the post.

    any others?
  11. I've sold a couple of pipes that I've made, but I kept the coolest one. It's 15 or 16 inches long, maple and oak, I used a red hot wire to burn through the maple. Took me a few hours to do it. Definitely worth it though, people are impressed when I break it out parties.
  12. My favorites are glass bought at head-shops
    they look nice and won't give you Alzheimer's!
  13. I made one one time from two water bottles, a Voss water and a Smart water. Cut the bottom out of the Smart water, and put the neck into the voss and taped it. The smart water's taper acted as an ice catcher. Then I used my friends broken ashcatcher off his PURP (RIP) and surgical tubing to make the downstem.
  14. the rocket:

    3 liter coke bottle
    plastic shopping bag
    duct tape
    aluminum foil
    paper clip

    cut the very bottom of the 3 liter coke bottle off right where it starts to curve.

    use duct tape to tape the plastic bag around the bottom cut. take your time to get a good seal.

    form a bowl with some doubled over aluminum foil as big as you want and make it so itll fit around the top of the bottle.

    use a paper clip to poke little holes in the foil.

    insert weed in bowl on top of bottle. push bag inside the bottle. have someone light the weed (you have to torch it so keep the flame on it) and SLOWLY and evenly pull out the bag. take off the bowl and take the hit.

    take small ones the first couple cuz this will mess you up!

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