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Favorite hobby

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. what do ya'll love to do??

    I love to fish, boating, golfing, and farming..

    I know I'd have more.. But hey I'm high and can't think much right now..
  2. I read, play video games and draw. Is smoking pot a hobby?

  3. For me smoking pot is more of a ritual..
  4. Photography, definately. Just won a first price this month! For obvious reasons I cannot sent that particular pic, but I'll submit one from the same series.

    Attached Files:

  5. graffity art....
  6. I think my biggest hobby is music ...but then thats probably coz i toke alot lol ;) i cant think of a "real" hobby but when i get bored i usually end up rippin down a wall or painting a room or any thing i think needs done @ the time :D :smoke:
  7. Well, I play guitar some, video games some, I like to play with my dogs. And even though I don't do it as much anymore, I like to go and get my Jeep muddy! When it's warm, I like to play frisbee, go camping and fishing. I like long walks in th....................oops, wrong place! And when not playing frisbee, I'm usually soothing my cramps from playing frisbee! lol
  8. fishing, cooking, my dogs....

    an bh your right, smoking is more of a ritual thing...
  9. toking is definately a hobby for me. just one more thing i do during the day thats enjoyable.

    im totally into my Dog, hes awesome. I love videogames too. And then just chatting on the computer. lots of cool people around the internet that youd never meet otherwise.
  10. i collect rocks.and landscape with them
    it amazes some people that i know where and when i got them.
    my sister died when i stole one from yellowstone and mt rushmore
  11. Skateboardin, music and tokin ::smoke::
  12. to music...fishin...mountain bikin...messin about with our dog...graphic design (my 'trade')...havin sex with my gamin...surfin (the 'net)...not in this particular just came out this way...mmm...maybe subliminally this IS the order...shit - hope my gf don't see this!!...
  13. playin bball, I used to skateboard but I want to get back at it, i like to lift weights and stay in as best shape as I can, so smoking won't fuck me over. I'm also into computers, so yeah

  14. ^awesome^

    im obsesed with classic vws, does that count? not long till i get my second one lol

    that and play bass and smoke pot, its a hobby for me lol
  15. btw woody....that is an awesome photo there, you should show us more of your creations:)
  16. im really into Photography and Industrial Design (produst design and such) i enjoy music alot, i like to walk and observe my surroundings, and of course toke up

  17. Fishing and eating are a favorite hobby of mine..Esp when I am custom cooking fish or BBQ..

  18. I don't care who you are...... Thats funny right there now..

    Come on down here sweetness.. I'll let you have all the rocks you want..
  19. Thats an awsome pic you have woody.. I love those types of scenery..

  20. yeah, when i saw it it made me think of the wizard of oz for some reason

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