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Favorite Gummy Bears or Worms recipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Nematode128, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. What's everyone's favorite gummy recipe? I've been using the ruffhouse studios one (Cannabis Infused Gummies Recipe) and while it's fairly simple to follow and yields a decent amount of gummies, the potency is rather low so I was wondering if anyone had a good recipe they use to make more potent gummies.

    I was also thinking about just keeping the 1/4 c of oil the recipe I linked to calls for and reducing the amount of the other ingredients but am unsure on how much that will affect the consistency of the gummies
  2. It would be simple enough to double the amount of weed to your 1/4 cup oil to get a stronger batch for the recipe that already works for you.
    If you end up using half the more potent oil in that recipe then you'll still end up with the same strength, so you'd really need to add even more weed to have the recipe come out stronger at less than 1/4 cup oil. I wouldn't try to make a smaller half ingredient gummy batch with that 1/4 cup's not a substantial amount of gel from what I read, but putting less oil with more weed should be just fine.
  3. Ive been using abv so I'm using about 7g to 1/4 cup ratio and it seems like if I keep adding more herb than all the oil just gonna get stuck in the herb and be a pain to get out
  4. I typically use lecithin during the infusion process so washing it with hot water is out of the question unless it doesn't make a difference on if you and lecithin before or after the infusion takes place
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    Can you make larger batches to avoid losing as much oil to the weed and also to have oil ready at a moments notice?
    I normally make 500 ml of oil to 1 ounce of fresh decarbed then ground herbs, so mine would need 2 ounces to 500 ml for double strength.

    If you grind it fine, will be easier to get most of the oil back, but you will have green silt debris in there too. I used to strain in a very fine mesh gold coffee filter, but now I don't bother to strain, and just skim clear oil off the top. I then stick the gunk in my freezer jar to worry about hot water baths later.

    Often I make 2 pounds(1000ml slightly extra volume to make up for loss) total oil at once, so it is hard to relate to these small batch processes.
  6. Some say that adding the lecithin helps the thc to bind better in the oil, but lecithin is basically to allow our bodies to metabolize the oil more efficiently. I see no difference in adding the lecithin to my freshly strained warm oil. I have not used it with the herbs and oil for many years, and only add it separately from the plant matter. It acts exactly the same for effectiveness.
  7. Yeah I tried making a 1/2 oz to 1/2 cup since I needed more oil for the gummy recipe and def lost less oil than the smaller batch. I saw on another of my posts someone recommended I grind it to dsst so I was debating on grinding my next batch in my coffee grinder and seeing if that makes a noticeable difference

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