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Favorite grinder?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by greymattergirl, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Just wondering what everyones favorite ginders are. I heard there was one that had like 5 chambers and removed all seeds and that true? I've never seen one..but I'm always looking for new things. Any ideas would be apprciated! :wave:
  2. 4 piece.
    if not, at least one with a kief catcher.
    oh and also, not a fan of the big electric ones that look like a flashlight lol
  3. get a 4 pc. sharpstone off of ebay for $20. They're really nice.

    that answer will be approximately half of the answers you'll come across on here, lol.

    I just got mine last month- and there is a difference between the knock-off brands you'll find in headshops and the good brands like sharpstone, uuuh....mendo mulcher? among others. if you want to go all out, spend about $80 on a spacecase.

    you can do a search and find a lot of threads on grinders. Some come with nice pictures and stuff.
  4. Thanks a bunch..I have a pretty nice 4 piece one now..but the way it was explained to me, sounded like some kind of magical new one. Thought I might have missed something. Hehe..guess I'm a dope. :eek:
  5. My 4 piece sharpstone. It's beautiful.

    But, my first grinder (two piece "Charlie") has a special place in my heart (my lockbox)
  6. Cosmic Grinder
  7. My 4 piece Sharpstone is on point. I have seen a 5 piece Sharpstone. It had 2 different kief screens, fine and ultra fine. I personally think that one is just fine. Get the 4 piece Sharpstone, can't beat it for the price. The Mendo Mulchers look good as does SpaceCase.
  8. i have this grinder called "the notch" and it works pretty well. its a 4 part one with a kief collector and it ran me $40
  9. personally i think that a four piece grinder is a very solid investment. it seems expensive at first but you get so much use out of it. i have a four piece and i love it. kief catchers are a Godsend
  10. I have a Space Case and it is extremely high quality. Kind of expensive, but it's an investment I have not regretted.
  11. ^ what he said. from what i hear sharpstones are just as good i have never used one myself but my boys say they collect kief like a mofo i think their screen has bigger holes but i havent regretted spending 60 bucks on my space case it even grinds up hash without even making me notice (it was in my nug jar and got ground up by accident)
  12. my first grinder was a sharpstone from ebay, and i got a space case as a gift. you can tell a difference between the sharpstone and the space case. space case ftw
  13. 4 piece sharpstone. works every time and does the job of what a grinder does
  14. sharktooth original plastic grinder without magnet
  15. i have a sharpstone knockoff i paid around $40 for...after about a year of use it became not as good so my new space case titanium medium size is on its way i should get it either tomorrow or monday!
  16. Mendo Mulcher
  17. anything with a kief catcher
  18. #18 NOVA, Feb 21, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2009
    I have a large space case (no catches) for when Im smoking blunts, got a "peg" grinder...its wooden with metal pegs for smoking from bowls, or bongs. I have those 2 for my personal smoking because I don't need a catch when Im smoking, I want to get high as possible, and the space case grinds even the stickiest bud real fine so its good for J, or blunts, but too fine for bowls, and bongs cause they get kicked so quickly, so I have the "peg" that tears the bud (more like pulling it by hand, then cutting it up). I also have a no name with a fine screen that I use at parties...for those who buy weed but dont have a grinder I offer them that one, someone tried to empty it on me, and I said "sorry thats the price of not having your own." lol

    The Space Case's are pretty expensive, but you cant beat em, they are top notch, and you can see the quality difference.

    If your in the RI area, Providence's OPM has them. Its in the JWU campus area, I forget which street, but its like 1 over from the club section.

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