favorite girl scout cookie?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420420420, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. so I was sitting here eating my thin mints, and I decided that girl scout cookies are the greatest thing ever.

    what's your favorite?
  2. Oh man I could eat a couple boxes of the thin mints, they own
  3. what is a samoa?? nvr heard of that cookie - is it good?
  4. omg somoa is the best cookie ever made. my grandma was like the one of the managers of one of the girlscouts in long island so i used to get boxes and boxes of them for free.
  5. Have to go with thin mints :p
  6. thin mints, BY FAR

    eat those things by the box haha
  7. def thin mints!
  8. oh by the way I went with thin mint
  9. Somoa's are defently my faviorte I bought a few boxes this year sooo good :smoke:
  10. What are those donut shaped ones that have chocolate, carmel, and coconut? Those are the shit.
  11. those are samoas, heaven in a little cookie....that was my choice too
  12. tagalongs... the peanutbutter cookie covered in a layer of chocolate. god damn ill smoke a bowl and cram 2 boxes and not be satisfied :smoke: i wish my sister didnt turn out to be a pot head and was still in the girl scouts. my mom would get like 20 boxes yeach time she ordered. everytime we got them in id munch threw 4 boxes after a couple bowls :bongin:
  13. thin mints and samoas omg those are soo good espicially when high those are my fav 2 byyy far
  14. yeh i love tag-alongs. How come it is not in the poll? that is where my vote goes.
  15. OK to set any confusion straight :D samoas are called Carmel Delights in some places lol like minnesota sooo ima have to say them samoas are the best
  16. OMG stick your thinmints in the freezer for a while before you eat them- 1000x times better. *munch
  17. The vanilla ones baby.
  18. Samoas are the absolute best cookie ever made. Thin mints are good, don't get me wrong, but Samoas kick thin mints' ass any day of the week.

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