Favorite gar/ cigarillo to roll with

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Dakolac, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. What's your favorite cigar or cigarillo to roll your blunts with?

    Mines Dutch Master (cognac):cool:
  2. Dutch Master Vanilla =D
  3. White Owl Peach/White Grape, Swisher Grape, Dutch Master Palma, and Phillie Grapes are all awesome.

    I like Games too, but I can never find them at any store around here.

  4. I sick of swisher grape, had nothing but those for like 2 years:(
  5. Philly Strawberry/Grape

  6. I feel ya, swishers and optimos all day......
  7. Peach Swishers. mmmmmm.
  8. peach game, strawberry dutch, and most of the time palma dutch because its the healthiest
  9. Strawberry or Cognac Dutch for sure. Cognacs always seem to be the freshest around here so they're what I mostly buy.
  10. Surprised at how many dutchy replies I got, I just moved to Denver and the majority of the smokers I met have never heard of dutchies:eek:! They roll with those double platinums here.
  11. Swisher sweets grape flavor
  12. dutch master strawberry,grape,and vanilla. either cigar or rillo it doesnt matter. but i roll personal blunts alot so id rather use a rillo.
  13. peach/strawberry/grape phillies or a grape backwoods
  14. White grape game. A strawberry dutch is nice too

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