favorite games to trip on?

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  1. post em' here! let's hear what games you like to trip on. For me it's Gears 3 Beta , and that's it...that's the only game I have ever tripped on. One day , I'll smoke 2 bowls and play some Need For Speed , and take a cruise. :smoke:
  2. When i'm tripping on something, usually don't like playing games at all. Can't focus, and I fuckin suck!

    But after a nice fat bowl, I can dig on some Fifa, NBA, Wow, Crysis, basically any game lol
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  4. i cant trip off weed for one..

    for two,i couldnt even watch alice in wonderland for 20 minutes before seeing shit come out of the TV at me

    fuck will i ever deal with anything electronically whilst tripping again..
  5. If I took a Hallucinogen I would not play video games lol.

    but if I absolutely had to choose one or two I would pick

    Or Geometry Wars 2 (XBLA)

    or buy the new 3DS that shit is crazy as hell sober!
  6. Last time I tripped, I played Mario Kart for a few races. Didn't last long because my mind got lost and I didn't see the point in racing, so I quit and ventured off.
  7. little big planet for PS3. haha never get boring considering theres always 30000000 lefts to chose from that you haven't played or seen. some of them are so trippy (crazzy back rounds, random shit falling, funny stuff in the background, really bright colors). idk its just fun
  8. I haven't tripped and played games in a while, but the first time I did mushrooms I started a new game of assassin's creed and you know the very first part of the game where the machine is messin up and everything's all jumpy and glitchy before you get to the real world? Yeah, that fucked my shit up pretty good.
  9. Tried to play cod black ops but realized it was just a bunch of people trying to hunt each other. Reminded me that we're all predators so I just layed on my bed and thought about stuff.
  10. Drakes Fortunes a good game to trip on. Its like ur in a movie.
  11. audiosurf yo
  12. Also my favourite game was and I think is: LittleBigPlanet 1:smoke:
    The little dudes just seem so funny when your flying high! :D
  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuYWLYjOa_0&feature=fvst]YouTube - Child of Eden Trailer[/ame]
  14. world of warcraft is the best game to trip on imo, that or S.T.A.L.K.E.R, because stalker, is scarry as fuck, just to walk around in, and is trippy as balls if you play in certain areas
  15. I love to play parappa the rapper when I'm high and rap along with the game lol. so awesome.
  16. Little big planet 1 or 2
  17. definitly call of duty zombies, or left for dead 1 or 2.

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