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Whats your favorite Game system

  1. Xbox

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  2. Ps2

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  3. playstation

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  4. Gamecube

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  5. N64

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  6. Nintendo, or supernintendo

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  7. Computer

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  8. Dreamcast

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  9. Genises

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  10. Handhelds; gameboy, sega one(forget name)

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  1. Ok, I was just bored off my ass, and I was wondering... What game system do you prefer, or do you not like games. I myself would prefer to have one of those new alien ware pc's. Although I could get a new car for that price:(. Anyways, I own just about every game system known to man, and My favorite console so far is Gamecube......well, maybe its super nintendo.... I dunno, fuck it......ANSWER MY POLL!!!!!!


    yes im a gaming goon, and i help out on a game website lol

  3. I already did(gc), now you go vote!

    ps - 4 player Mario Kart for gamecube is the most fun a videogame could possibly provide!
  4. after trying all the systems i can gareentee xbox is best dont listen to him!! lol nah think for yourself.()xbox()
  5. I'm not really into gaming, if I have another person to play with its diffrent, but alone it gets boring. I went computer, I would of gone NES but I recently bult a cable that allows me to use the nes controler as a joystick, now I have access to more nes games. I dont play it much, but NES its still the best there is.

    As far as a console I don't have, I like the ps/ps2 becaue they have so many games and a _good_ controler. Next the game cube becaue of mario party and smash brothers, at a bro's house we've spent whole nights playing just one of these games.
  6. why dont people take the time to get use to the box controller? the old big one is the best, you can reach every button without moving your hands, and it feels right, perfet sixe, cube and ps2 are WAY to small and tacky guys
  7. PS2 rules you all!!!!
  8. I'd have no issues with xbox controllers if 2/3 of the controller wasnt a big "XBOX"..
  9. Even though I really kind of prefer computer games, I had to pick the x box. I like being able to port MY music into the games I'm playing. It loads games faster than the PS2. And the games aren't as 'kiddie' as the GC's. The only thing I really don't like about the computer is what TNP said. They are too expensive to get just to plsy games and such. But oh well, thats just my opinion. I know it ain't worth much.
  10. I voted PS2, which is a lie, cuase I LOVE old school nintendo.
    I have simpsons hit and run & ssx3 for ps2, but my add, adhd, adult something or nother whatever it is keeps me from sitting long enou
  11. i've always been a big nintendo fan. got the NES when it first came out in england, and then the gameboy

    i've had all nintedo consoles since. the gamecube was a bit disappointing though. not enogh good games.

    zelda, metroid...

    not enough GREAT games like that.

    i like the x box too. great console. loads of good games. and the new smaller joypads are kick ass. i hated those big brick things

    but overall i think PC is the best for gaming

    yeah, it's not as low maintenance. but there's just a wider range of games.

    warhammer online!!! www.warhammeronline.com

  12. ps2's great.. but nothing compares to super nintendo!!

  13. yeah well you can reach it anyway so it dont really make a differnce whats there lol

  14. (i had to leave the rar in there)

    do u play the real one?
  15. I do love my xbox, great frame rate, but xbox 2 will be coming out before too much longer. Anyways, if you know where I can get an acanthurus monitor(lizard) or an alienware pc, OR A VAN OR OTHER CAR, for veeeery cheap, let me know:)

  16. Id say Super NES...best games ever. I love rpgs, and the old school ones are the greatest. Also, mario kart and killer instinct are always fun. I have a Ps2 now, and its pretty cool too, I can play all my ps1 games on it so its ok.

    Hey, notice theres no votes for dreamcast and genesis? Ive been saying it for years and Ill say it again...SEGA SUCKS!!
  17. What a coincidence.....I agree that sega may suck....but you have to admit, the original sonic games (new flash sonic on www.newgrounds.com) and earthworm jim were very fun..
    Would you like an apple pie with that?


  18. amen to that

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