favorite game cigar to roll into a blunt?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by rkates8, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. whats your favorite game to roll i liked wine for a while but i just tried the new green grape and i think its my favoirte
  2. Dude I used to swear by the green games, but the last couple I had didn't taste so great. I am about to try the peach games, and I have been trying to fine the green grape, but I can't find them anywhere :(
  3. Green games for life
  4. I always use green games, sometimes switching it up with a wine. But I have yet to find the green grape games anywhere.
  5. Green, I like the most

    I absolutely despise vanilla, all the ones I get are shit, and taste like fucking asscream
  6. Mmmm, asscream.
  7. GREEN GAMES ftw, rolled my first one yesterday and it rolled up beautifully (even with the skimp dub my friend had copped) and smelled amazing like waffles, syrup, and coffee all at the same time haha. Oh and about that dub my friend copped she got it for 15 cuz she's good friend with the guy but anyway is was prob like .6 but this was some nice frosty, pungent piff sour d's; craziest thing tho im breaking down this piff and by the time i broke the whole .6 i had like 5 or 6 fully mature seeds in my hand BUT this was good shit WTF, anyone else ever experience some crazy shit like that?
  8. the green game rolls so easy, anyone can roll with one of those bitches and they burn sooo long. there is nothing like the taste of a clean burning natural green leaf marijuana blunt:smoking: goes down smooth.
  9. green!
    and peach as backup.
  10. yeah i havent seen the green grapes anywhere around portland
  11. dude the peach games are the best imo :)

    greens are alright but it seems like the leaf is usually fucked up
    i havent tried the new game green grapes yet...but my friends say they are the shit, havent seen those around yet
  12. green when i can find them and if not, peach will always do. they are pretty bomb if ya haven't heard lol
  13. whenever i smoke a game cigar its always green ive never even seen another game outta the wraping lol if its not a green game then its a grape or chocolate dutch :D

  14. theres nothing cleaner than a dutch master palma :D
  15. [​IMG]
  16. the new green grape is sweet, have you seen the new tubes they come in?
  17. green grape is far better than any of the others.

    second to that is either peach or green, with whatever i dont pick for second, in third.
  18. old thread, I know.

    I rolled a fat 1.5-2g blunt with the new green grape...it's fucking delicious. best I've ever had.

    gonna try a peach tonight, though.
  19. green games mmmmm i smoked 3 about 2 hours ago, peach game, and dutch masters honey.
  20. surprised no one said wine.. they are definitely the best, then white grape... all my friends are all about greens but they are too heavy imo, and taste pretty bad. wine or die nikka

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