favorite foods when high

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by greathan, May 28, 2009.

  1. i cant get enough french toast with real maple syrup whenever i smoke ( mmm just thinking about it makes my mouth water). anyway when i was whipping up a batch i got to thinking what others eat when theyre high.
  2. Food is so much tastier when high, it's awesome. Some of my favorites are pizza, burritos, cereal, wild berry skittles, and teriyaki chicken with brown rice.
  3. McDonalds,kfc,BurgerKing........

  4. Mmm, soo delicious. On the same note, ANY chinese food is delicious while high. It's delicious enough sober!

    I like cereal, bagel bites, pizza, corn dogs, and a lot of other foods. Way to many to list.
  5. wow. all of these sound fucking amazing.
  6. EVERYONE try this..........Vanilla icecream, honey nut cheerios, and brown sugar. it will never go bad in just turns into cereal...

    or my latest creation.. Toast with peanut butter(smooth), cinnamon&sugar, and syrup
    i call that one, Peanut butter cinnamon syrup...
  7. best food while blazed for me would have to be some cottage cheese some doritos a filet o fish and a cold ass coke :D
  8. I'm blasted as shit right now; eating a Big Mac Meal :hello:.
  9. haha bad ass im going out for some subway right now in the mood for a tuna sub and an ice cream lol
  10. anything is awesome to eat when im high
  11. A few times I have eaten oreos and doritos (one right after the other) and the somewhat mixed flavor tasted amazing at the time...
  12. PIZZA. Or bread with warm butter :D
  13. White fucking Castle.
  14. Sushi!!

    its amazing.
  15. Anythings good while im high, but the best is a big red float :)
  16. Ok here it is.

    3 or 4 Spicy Chick N Crisps from Burger King - $4
    1 Loaded Fry From Rallys or Checkers - $2.59
    1 2 Liter or Mt. Dew - 1.29

    = A fucking happy stoner. :smoking:

    BTW im not high but I might smoke here soon who thinks I should ???
  17. What kind of question is "who thinks I should" lol? You should already have that thing lit up man. I smoked a bowl about 20 minutes ago and I'm about to go out and smoke another one and then I'm off to Taco Bell:smoking:
  18. Welllll I dont know if I can because my moms home thats why. BUT if I do you better bet your ass im sticking to my word about the food lol.
  19. Cheese. Any fucking kind of cheese is AMAZING. or maybe thats just because I'm from Wisconsin.....:smoking:
  20. I usually try and get something salty, something sweet, and something savory. I love going back and forth between them. Oh and sometime you need to make a sandwich with poptarts and nutella. absolutely delicious.

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