Favorite food when baked?

Discussion in 'General' started by Yoda23467, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. What's your favorite munchies. Also how do you control your weight, since marijuana makes you munch out. This one dude I know smokes everyday and Is almost 400lbs.
  2. When I smokes everyday I was extremely obese but a lot of hardcore stoners are thin, how?
  3. It's called self control. You don't /have/ to eat if you smoke lmao

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  4. If you wanna lose weight just smoke some of that weed with Lysol in it...

    Grow journal
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  5. Chicken wings,Mcdonalds,KFC,Steak anything I can get my hands on really :laughing::laughing:
  6. My wife's burgers :) she cook amazing ones :)
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  7. weed is also a suprecent so will affect your appetite either way

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  8. i just eat what i am craving if i have it in my house, if i dont i just eat smth else
    doesnt really matter to me
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  9. Favorite munchie has to be peaches. When they are fat and ripe they are really juicy. It's easy to stay thin with smoking alot. You have to balance out unhealthy food with healthy food.
  10. Freshly diced up an chilled pineapple chunks. Absolute best cure for cotton mouth lol
  11. Honestly when I'm stoned usually whatever I happen to be eating at that particular moment is usually my favorite munchie food because I just like every thing..., food wise that is lol. And the weight ? I would probably be like 499 pounds if I didn't have such a fast metabolism. Just call me shaggy:ey:
  12. I've often read that it speeds up your metabolism, so if you could resist your urges to munch, it may help you lose weight. Don't know how valid it is, but I've read it quite a lot, all over. I've also read it's great at preventing Diabtetes type 2 and obesity. Keyword there, preventing.

    Study: Cannabis Use Inversely Associated With Diabetes - NORML.org - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws
    (they use a legitimate source for this article, Cannabis Smoking and Diabetes Mellitus: Results from Meta-analysis with Eight Independent Replication Samples. - PubMed - NCBI )
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  13. I love making mac n' cheese and getting those cheese clumps
    And I also really like twix, coffee crunch, funyuns, frozen grapes...I always buy myself food for when I get stoned :)
  14. I Wait to eat because I know I'll overindulge. I love a good fruit smoothie after a session it's filling and healthy it makes my cravings for candy non-existent. I cook some awesome foods myself afterwards. :)
  15. Raspberries. Really good chocolate. Jamaican jerk chicken. And pussy. LoL

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  16. Someone needs to give you an award. Vagina is a Grade A meal.

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