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Favorite flavor of Pop Tarts? And also some concern.

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by KOLKRONIK, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. What’s everyone’s favorite Pop Tart flavors from their childhood or now?? I know I’m rocking with the raspberry, pb&j, and chocolate chip ones! Also, I got curious and read the ingredients on the back of the pop tart box the other day and noticed a lot of crazy chemicals like Blue 1 Lake, DATEM, Diglycerides, and Sodium acid pyrophosphate.. Should I be worried about these chemicals at all? They sound dangerous and cancerous lol and I tried doing a little research but didn’t find much. Anyways, I love pop tarts but I ain’t tryna get no cancer from em. Post thoughts!!

  2. Sorry. Late to the party.
    The ingredient that you should research is "high fructose corn syrup".
    It's probably worse for you than most of the other ingredients in Pop Tarts.

    I miss the chocolate ones.
  3. Haven’t had a store bought pop tart in 20 years but I look at all the new flavors a lot. My mom never allowed us to have the ones with frosting on them as kids. I make my own a few times a year.
    Homemade Strawberry Pop-Tarts - Sugar Spun Run
  4. Frosted Cherry Mr. Freeze edition from 1996.
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  5. Wild berry. It always disappears and comes back. Right now I can get it again.
  6. I just like original Cherry lol.

  7. I always like blueberry Pop-Tarts myself. And I never put them in the toaster. Eat them like how pizza was meant to be eaten: cold.

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