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Favorite e-juice/thc method

Discussion in 'E-Cigarettes' started by Joe-Kerr420, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. I've used rosin oil mixed with pg. What's everybody's favorite way to vape a liquid mix?
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    Co2, I'm behind in the rosin, I want to squish some hash. Been looking st presses.
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  3. I've done a kief mixed with vg/pg. had to heat it up in the mixture for a while then strain and reheat to activate the THC but it worked well. I have a whole crap load of rosin that we made while learning to run our press that we can't sell that i'll be making into E-juice.
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    vapeur extract (PEG, PG, VG, not sure the exact blend. its flavorless and 'designed to dissolve extract'"), 1ml to 1g of rosin or live resin. Tastes just like the extract, works great with shatter too. Right in the dripper.
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    The following works the best in my opinion.

    2 ml Pure PG or PEG blend (brands like Wax Liquidizer, Licks, DB Mix Pro)
    1g concentrate
    When you suspend 1g of concentrate in the solution it creates a total solution of 3 ml. This is the best ratio I have found to ensure potency, flavor and longevity of my equipment.

    Using the stove; create a water bath with a shot glass inside a saucepan with enough water to go halfway up shot glass. Attach a candy thermometer to the side to ensure that it doesn't go over 150°F.

    Add your PG PEG blend. Using a small metallic object something like that of a sculptors tool stir in your concentrate. Once all concentrate has been added stir continuously for 5 minutes. Make sure the temperature doesn't go over 150°F.
    After stirring remove from Heat and let cool for 5 minutes.

    Add to your tank and vape on!

    As I stated the Blends that I use are a PG/PEG blend. I have tried heating the mixture and adding VG and it caused the concentrate to clump together and separate from the solution.

    There is a method of taking VG and adding in decarboxylated flower and let it sit for at least 2 weeks, strain and then be able to Puff in an atomizer. I have yet to try this...

    I would like to have some VG in the mix to get the big clouds. Open to ideas and suggestions.

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  6. Do you guys use a standard ecig tank or a specialized one?
  7. I have used a regular epen and currently have a mod box. Anything that you can adjust the temp is great with the juice. Works better at lower watt
  8. Well, my favorite is mixing Aromatherapy Oil with Pg, It's the best.
  9. Any menthol flavored with 6mg im good all day :)

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