Favorite dry piece?

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  1. whats you r favorite dry piece to smoke?

    mine is either my friends sherlock... or this peace pipe i used to have
  2. I like them all pretty much the same. But I've always like a nice looking spoon. So I voted bowl.
  3. Steamrollers are fucking pro.
  4. my dry sherlock. It hits like a BEAST.

    steamrollers i'm not a big fan of. Its basically like hitting a bong w/o water IMO. I haven't hit one in a while, though.
  5. My sherlock, because i can use it wet or dry:)
  6. i like my glass bowl every now and then but my friend has a steam roller and it just destroys me
  7. Steamrollers are where it's at, but I personally prefer my sherlock, just cuz it hits mean, looks cool, and is one of a kind.
  8. what does a dry or wet piece mean
  9. Dry=no water.

    A bong is not dry.
  10. I love my spoon. It has such a large bowl; width and height. I love the colors too. Red and orange.

    My 2nd favorite would be my dugout with the metal cigarette bat. It's great right before work when i don't want to get baked, but a pretty strong buzz.

    My local headshop has a deal that I might be interested in. a lot of large pieces like bubblers, buy 1 get one free. i dont need 2 more pieces, so i might take a friend to throw down and he can get a piece too. i saw a bubbler i REALLY wanted.
  11. Steamrollers are the greatest. All that smoke at once hits me so hard. :smoking:
  12. My one and only handy dandy spoon. It has sick designs on it, a nice wart, and its real thick glass. I love it, and use it all the time.
  13. I dont see the sidecar as an option?

    heres mine.

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  14. lol wtf is a chamber pipe?

    edit: ^^ ya what about sidecars!?... er... not that i own one... :smoke:

  15. thats a sick ass sidecar man! +rep for that

    figured i'd post a picture of my sherlock. Lol. I know i've posted it many times, but I love showing it to people. 3rd picture is my hook, which used to be my favorite before i bought my sherlock

    sorry for the size. They wouldn't be so big if this fucking site would let me attach a photo that's already attached in a different thread. Bullshit! Lol. here:


  16. yo that sherly is SO fuckin ill. it's prob the trippiest piece i've ever seen. is the whole thing just fumed?
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    thanks man, i love this thing. haven't been smoking out of it as much since i got my Fathead tube lol

    sure most of its fumed, but there's some designs and other shit in it. One of these days im gonna take a bunch of pictures of it from diff angles to get the idea of the whole thing

    i'll be honest though, lol, i had to look up what fumed glass looks like, so it very well ALL could be fumed, but from what i saw when i looked it up, there's more to it than just fumed glass :)
  18. ya, well the parts that change colors are all fumed is what i believe. but shit who cares about the technicalities that thing is so trippy haha :hello:.

    and ya when u get those pics up let me know i'd love to see the whole thing.

    edit: who's the artist?
  19. lol for sure, its cool as hell to get blazed & just look at all the work in it :smoke:

    the artist was someone by the name of Max n Polin. Never heard of em, but i got a plaque from the headshop i got it from saying its an authentic Max n Polin dry sherlock lol. check it out

  20. after lookin up Max n Polin, it seems like his name is simply "Max Polin" cuz a lot of glass came up when i put that in lol

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