Favorite Drug to be on?

Discussion in 'General' started by XUFCshroomeryX, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Not considering any side effects what is your favorite "high experience"?
  2. Probably mushrooms. Ive had the most fun on them, never got bored
  3. i originally posted shrooms, but i take that back.

    definintely weed.

    that's why i smoke it everyday.
  4. my favorite is a mix.

    dxm and weed.

    alone both a great. put them together and it's quite a trip.
  5. i like alot of them :)
  6. Marijuana.
  7. Probably weed. Other stuff is fun but weed is always there for me.. :smoking:

    That being said, the other thing I love are mushrooms. Just not near as often.
  8. marijuana.

    I can abuse the fucking shit out of marijuana and still be a responsible, independent member of society.
  9. i like mixing ecstasy cocaine alchohal marijauna and cigarettes....

    P.S to dirtybongwater, no matter what you think, anyone who abuses any substance is not responsible

  10. that's why i love it.

    it seems like so many other drugs take hold of your life while marijuana just enhances your life.
  11. DUDE!!! POT AND CIGS GO SO WELL TOGETHER!! It's like on top on being relaxed from the weed you get another warm rush that sooths and calms your entire body and after the cig you just feel totally blissful :):):):)
  12. I'm not opposed to this thought. I do in fact smoke in excess even though I do not start smoking until 5pm every day. But I would like to know how I am not being a responsible person? I realize that smoking marijuana is illegal so that portion is noteably irresponsible, but I need to hear more about this before I consider myself an irresponsible marijuana abuser.
  13. well that right there makes you a responsible toker .. since you said you wait till 5...

    what i thought you were implying was you are high 24 / 7
  14. I have friends that are high 24/7 and are totally responsible. I fully believe that as long as you can own your marijuana use, it isn't irresponsible no matter how much you smoke. If you let it own and you do not limit your useage, that is irresponsible. But that's just my perception. :)
  15. 40mg OC's are mighty tasty.

  16. tried to +rep you but no dice...
  17. Mushrooms, I would say LSD.. but I like how YOU trip on mushrooms and not just the environment around you like with lsd.
  18. Can you explain what you mean, I understand about the environmental trip...but...how would you explain a shroom trip compared?
    (No, I haven't tried any yet.)

    Weed = my answer to thread.

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