Favorite drug movie?

Discussion in 'Stoner Movies & Documentaries' started by 420smoker87, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Not really favorite stoner movie, I'm talking about DRUG movies. Mine is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas just for the sheer amount and variety of drugs consumed in that flick.
  2. Mine is definitely, Gang Related.. Classic.. Then there's Scarface.
  3. Friday, funny fucking film. :D

  4. Yeah me too.
  5. definetly fear and loathing, requiem for a dream, blow, idk probly a lot more but i cant think of em
  6. trainspotting
  7. Requiem is my favorite I believe. The scene when he sticks the needle into his open wound already.... Ahhh man that movie is intense
  8. Trainspotting
  9. I forgot to mention I really enjoy Super High Me and Grass as well.
  10. Super High Me was definitely a fun movie. Good call on Gang Related I saw that movie a few months back for the first time and it was sick! I've never seen trainspotting but I think I have to now with all the people that recommend it.
  11. You've beaten me to the punch here. My intended post after reading the thread title was "Allow me to drag the mood down by claiming Requiem for a Dream".
    Probably the most depressing film in my collection. Aronowski certainly has a way with that. The Wrestler was nearly as bad. Haven't seen The Fountain yet though.
  12. requiem for a dream
  13. A Scanner Darkly, hands down.
  14. far and loathing, super high me, spun and pineapple express
  15. Layer Cake...while i dont take any hard drugs its still an industry, nothing about this movie falls short in any way, if you like lock stock and snatch, you have to see this one, in my top 5!
  16. American Gangster and Scarface.

    Also, not strictly about drugs but Training Day is the shit.
  17. Garghh i fucking hate Trainspotting! HATE IT!

    Dunno though, they take some shit in American Psycho.

    But yeah, dont watch many drug based films. And if i did, they were crap.
  18. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Scarface
  19. By far my favorite is A Scanner Darkly. Great movie to watch while stoned.
  20. i like shrooms
    it was so random, the ending

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